Former Portsmouth favourite Danny Rose and many fans say same thing as Danny Cowley speaks about Ipswich's treatment of Michael Jacobs

‘Say it louder for the people at the back!! @Pompey is in good hands! I absolutely love this!’
Pompey boss Danny CowleyPompey boss Danny Cowley
Pompey boss Danny Cowley

That’s former midfielder Danny Rose’s judgement on Twitter after Blues boss Danny Cowley spoke out over the handling of Michael Jacobs’ now collapsed move to Ipswich.

And it appears that the ex-Fratton favourite isn’t the only one singing the Blues head coach’s praises, with many others on social media lauding Cowley for the way he stood up for the player and offered support following Monday’s sudden turn of events.

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Jacobs appeared on the brink of a move to Portman Road after passing a medical and with a fee agreed between the clubs

Yet everything soon came crashing down after the big-spending Tractor Boys swooped to seal a deal for former West Brom winger Kyle Edwards.

According to Cowley, it was then left to him to inform Jacobs that the move was no more.

Speaking to The News, the Pompey boss said he felt for the player, whom he said remained the ultimate professional throughout the process.

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He said: ‘I feel really sorry for Michael because, like I said, Michael is a someone I've got to know well, is a really good human being.

‘He is one of my players, I care a lot for him.’

Cowley then added: ‘Football is just a great game, the greatest game in the world, but it can let itself down in terms of the way it treats people and, ultimately, for us as a football club we conduct ourselves in the right way. That's what we will always do.

‘Michael can still be a really good footballer for us and we will look after him in the way we look after all our players.’

It’s the sort of response which clearly went down very well with Rose, who was part of the Blues’ League Two title-winning team in 2017.

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And they’re words which struck a chord with many Pompey supporters, who are delighted to see their manager adopt such an emphatic stance and show true leadership.

For instance, on Facebook, Tim Pyke said: ‘Danny just keeps endearing himself to me more and more with his honesty and grace.

‘Even if he fails to succeed with the team, he's done much to make me wish him good fortune always. Unlike many of our past managers.’

Russell Fairbanks commented: ‘What a great leader this man is. The way he talks about his players (Jacob’s and Curtis at the weekend) who wouldn’t want to work for him.

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‘As gutted as I feel that we are losing to money bags Cook again, I’m confident that Cowley will build a competitive squad. He might just need ‘more time to do it.’

On Twitter, @PompeyVeteran posted this message: ‘Is spot on with his approach and attitude here.

‘For all the envious looks some may have at Ipswich trying to buy anyone that can kick a ball, they’ve behaved disgracefully in this instance.

‘Keeping Jacobs is a bonus for us, particularly if he can stay fit.’

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@thelegglessjuan added: ‘It shows just how lucky we are to have DC and his brother.

‘They appreciate people for being people and are not soulless who kick people out left right and centre.

‘Such a great choice for the club, they are fully committed so I hope they get a chance to rest as they seem flat out.’

Continuing the theme, @sebreilly84 said: ‘The biggest takeaway from this is that we have such a good guy managing our Club.

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‘Similar values to Southgate. It's not the 90s anymore where players can just be just treated like crap, especially at this level.

‘Hope Jacobs scores the winner against Ipswich this season!’

@dedmans commented: ‘Every time Danny makes a statement you realise we’ve got an intelligent gem of a manager!

Meanwhile, @Jakey995 and @pompeycal3 posted: ‘Is the best thing to happen to this club since I can remember unbelievable bloke’ and ‘The way Danny conducts himself is 100% absolute class’.