Which keeper should join Knight, Jamo and others in my Pompey keeper tournament?

As one Pompey vote (the one to decide which 10 clubs Pompey fans would most like to remove from the league) continues, another one is getting started.

Thursday, 23rd September 2021, 9:18 pm
Updated Thursday, 23rd September 2021, 9:20 pm
Aaron Flahavan and Alan Knight will both be in the voting to find out readers' most-loved Pompey keeper

It’s time for us - well, you, the reader, to be more precise - to decide who Pompey’s ‘most loved’ goalkeeper is.

This is the start of a little series – inspired by the Forgotten Pompey Goals Twitter account – in which we will, through a succession of votes, find out which Blues player of the past or even the present, we think of most fondly.

It will be decided through polls on Twitter but before you take part in the first one, for goalkeepers, I need your help in completing the line-up for the knockout tournament, which will be followed by polls for players in each other position.

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I’ve come up with seven of the eight goalkeepers that will be in the stoppers’ tournament but there is one place open and I am after nominations for the extra man.

My seven are: Ernie Butler, Norman Uprichard, Alan Knight, Aaron Flahavan, Shaka Hislop, David James and Craig MacGillivray. Which other keeper should join them?

Nominations for the ‘wild card’ have so far included John Milkins and Peter Mellor, and you have until Saturday to back one of those two or add your own suggestion, then we’ll get going with the keeper vote.

I’m interested in how people will vote. For example, clearly there aren’t too many still around who saw Butler or Uprichard play but will some vote for them based on what they know they did for PFC?

It will also be interesting to see, once we have found a most-loved keeper, defender, midfielder and striker, which two players end up in the final and who wins. Will it be the same duo that the Forgotten Pompey Goals vote ended with?

Remember - you are voting for the players who you loved the most; not necessarily those you thought were the best.. Nominations for who the wildcard keeper should be are open til this Saturday (Sept 25) and the goalie tournament will begin on Twitter next Thursday (Sept 30).

Meanwhile, you have a week left to tell me which 10 clubs you’d get rid of out of the 92 if you had the power.

This is turning into quite an interesting battle. I’m pleased to report that Leicester have had quite a few nominations, but, let’s be honest, they could always do with more.

Come the end of September, I’ll be sending off all votes to the Electoral Commission to be counted, then counting them up myself when the commission claim they have better things to do.

We’ll come up with a final list of ‘10 to go’ – which won’t actually mean they get thrown out of the league (in case anyone thought I had any influence whatsoever) but will at least make us feel better.

For some or all the above, tweet @stevebone1 or email [email protected]