Gym 01's Hardy celebrates hometown TKO

Cameron Hardy toasted a barnstorming hometown victory and insisted: I want four more wins before the end of the year.

Tuesday, 10th April 2018, 11:25 am
Updated Tuesday, 10th April 2018, 11:26 am
Cameron Hardy defeated Geoffroy Puigvert on Saturday.

The GYM 01 featherweight defeated Geoffroy Puigvert in the co-main event on Unity Fighting Championship’s card in Darlington on Saturday.

Hardy clinched a second successive TKO victory against the Frenchman to move his record to 2-1.

After easily escaping an armbar submission, the 23-year-old finished the bout with elbows from the top midway through the first round.

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Backed by an army of support in Durham, Hardy revealed he kept a level head inside the cage instead of letting emotions interfere with his game plan.

And he’s refused to down tools, instead eyeing up finishing 2018 with a 6-1 record,

Hardy said: ‘I’m over the moon with my performance and it went really well.

‘Because of the crowd I had there, I just knew I had to keep my cool instead of rushing into it.

‘I just kept things really calm in there. He ended up taking me down but I reversed it.

‘He then went for an armbar but I managed to get out of it, break his guard and then finished him with elbows.

‘To be fair, I was expecting a bit more of a fight but either way I was always expecting to win it in my hometown.

‘The crowd were unbelievable. I could hear everyone as I came out but once I was in the cage I could only hear certain voices.

‘I always hear Brian (Adams), my coach, and then the only other voice I could hear was my mum’s! I could hear the panic in her scream.

‘I’m looking to stay active now. By the end of the year, I’d like to make it to 6-1.

‘Every fight I feel more comfortable. That’s not just in the cage but I’m taking everything in and every time I walk out I gain experience, which makes things easier.’

Hardy’s next fight will be against Bailey Gilbert on Made4TheCage’s event in Sunderland on June 9.

The GYM 01 charge is expecting another bear-pit atmosphere with his opponent hailing from the city.

And the Unity Fighting Championship’s featherweight title is also something Hardy has his sights set on.

He added: ‘The belt would definitely be something that would be on the cards, especially towards the end of the year.

‘I just want to get that experience in the cage and then start to look at the big fights.

‘I next fight Bailey Gilbert on June 9 and that fight had already been organised before my win on Saturday.

‘He’s a hometown fighter so it should be a loud one.’