Leigh Park bare-knuckle boxer Mickey Parker dislocates jaw in win over 'tough' Dave Thomas

Mickey Parker dislocated his jaw during his BKB 19 bout with Dave Thomas at London’s 02 Indigo arena on Saturday.

Monday, 18th November 2019, 4:58 pm
Updated Tuesday, 19th November 2019, 11:28 am
Mickey Parker Picture: Dan Harbut Photograhy

But that could not prevent the Leigh Park bare-knuckle boxer from picking up his fifth professional victory.

Parker secured a second-round stoppage triumph against the ‘tough’ Thomas.

However, the Leigh Park fighter was ‘taken back’ by his opponents game plan in the opening round.

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Thomas caught Parker in the first round and he discovered the shot dislocated his jaw after going for tests on Monday.

The Leigh Park fighter has now been placed on a liquid diet for a month and faces a longer stretch away from the ring.

But Parker is hoping to be back for his eighth professional bout in March.

‘I’ve dislodged the top of my jaw,’ said Parker.

‘I’ve done all the muscles and all sorts, but it’s not broke fortunately.

‘I’m on a liquid diet for a month and need to try to rest the jaw.

‘I was always looking to be back in March anyway.

‘It is what it is.

‘I felt something click after taking the hit.

‘It went back into place, but there’s a bit of damage around the joint area.

‘It took me back a bit with his game plan in the first round.

‘His style was very awkward in the first round.

‘But after the first round I got a bit of a ticking off in the corner.

‘The second round I went out and got the business done.

‘They stopped it on cuts in the second round in the end.’

It was Parker’s first bout since suffering a British title heavyweight defeat to Mark Godbeer in March.

But this time he decided to take the step down to cruiserweight.

The 37-year-old fighter now plans to stay at that weight and is eyeing another title shot in the future – once he recovers from his injury.

Parker added: ‘This was down at cruiserweight.

‘I weighed in 16st for my previous fight, which is the bottom end of heavyweight.

‘It just made sense to drop down a weight and it paid dividends in the end.

‘It’s where I should be fighting now.

‘Not at heavyweight, you can’t go in with the big boys when you’re lightweight.

‘I do like it, but it’s not good for me going down to them sort of weights.

‘I’ll stay as a cruiserweight now.

‘I could make it at light heavy, but I’m more suited to cruiserweight.

‘We’ve got to be looking that way (now).

‘I’d love to fight for a title again.’