Suki gymnasts impress in Southern Region Open and Closed tournaments

Suki Gymnastics Club members impressed when the Southern Region Open and Closed event was held at Fareham Leisure Centre.

By Simon Carter
Tuesday, 26th July 2022, 11:11 am

‘It was incredible to be back at competitions and doing what our competitive team love the most,’ said head coach Natalie Dickinson.

‘That’s competing, working towards their individual goals, being the best version of themselves and showing others just how hard they have been working over the past few years.’

Gosport-based Suki took 33 gymnasts to the event. The open event was attended by clubs outside the south region, while the closed competition was for Suki and the seven other clubs in the region.

Suki gymnasts. Back (from left) Milly Jones, Amanda Ebbutt. Middle - Isla Bower, Emily Mackie, Pearl Cohen, Leah Spence, Luize Reimarte-Lozberga. Front - Isabelle Bowers, Evie-Mae Sangster

In the Southern Region closed, Leah Spence, Luize Reimarte-Lozberga, Emily Mackie, Pearl Cohen and Isla Bower were first in the Foundation Group.

Amanda Ebbutt won the senior individual event, while Milly Jones was third in the junior individual.

Isabelle Bowers was fourth in the Foundation Individual.

Other results

Back (from left) - Freya Meachen, Kacey Arkley, Harmony Hamid. Middle - Immie Hamid, Amiee Dalgleish, Keira Buick. Front - Chloe Mackie

Introductory level - Kyra, Lucy and Isla - 7th, Level 1 Under 10s N/A; Esmee, Molly, Isla and Cerys - 4th, Level 3 Over 11s N/A.

Regional Level - Olivia - 9th, National Development (open), 8th (closed); Betsy - 12th National Development (open), 11th (closed); Scarlet - 19th, Age Group (open), 15th (closed); Ieva - 20th, Age Group (open), 16th (closed); Ellie May - 21st, Age Group (open) 17th (closed); Emilie - 22nd, Age Group (open), 18th (closed); Chloe - 23rd, Age Group (open), 19th (closed).

National level - Evie Mae - 4th, National Development (open), 4th (closed); Amiee - 12th, Age Group (open), 11th (closed); Madeline - 16th, Age Group (open) 15th (closed); Keira - 19th, Age Group (open) 17th (closed); Immie - 21st, Age Group (open), 19th (closed); Maya - 23rd, Age Group (open), 21st (closed); Immie, Amiee, Keira - 5th, Age Group Trio (open), 5th (closed); Kacey - 7th, Junior Individual (open), 3rd (closed); Harmony - 12th, Junior Individual (open), 6th (closed); Freya - 2nd, Senior Individual (open), 1st (closed)

FIG Level - Isabelle - 4th, Foundation (open) 4th (closed); Chloe - 10th, Age Group (open) 6th (closed); Cloe - 11th, Age Group (open), 7th (closed).

Suki followed that event up by hosting their annual competition at Fareham Leisure Centre.

The introductory team competed in the morning with the national and international team competing in the afternoon.

‘This is not something that normally happens, but it was a fantastic opportunity for the introductory gymnasts to see what Is possible if they continue to work hard and continue developing,’ said Dickinson.

‘There was reduced pressure on the gymnasts’ shoulders as this is not classified as a major competition.

‘We also received excellent feedback from those who attended saying how relaxed it was, along with how smoothly the event ran.’

Top 10 finishers

Introductory Level - Willow, Elsie, Ellie - 2nd, Under 10 Level 1; Esmee, Molly, Isla, Cerys - 3rd, Over 11s Level 3 (Personal Best); Kyra and Ellexis - 4th, Under 10s Level 2

Regional Level - Leah, Luize, Emily, Pearl and Isla - 1st, Foundation Group (PB); Milly - 2nd, Junior Individual (PB); Amanda - 1st, Senior Individual (PB); Ieva - 9th, Age Group Individual (PB); Olivia - 7th, National Development; Cora - 8th, Pre-Foundation

National Level - Evie Mae - 4th, National Development; Immie, Amiee, Keira - 1st , Age Group Trio (PB); Immie - 7th, Age Group Individual (PB); Kacey - 3rd, Junior Individual (PB); Harmony - 5th Junior Individual (PB); Freya - 1st, Senior Individual (PB)

FIG Level - Isabelle 1st, Foundation Individual (PB); Chloe - 5th, Age Group Individual (PB); Cloe - 7th, Age Group Individual (PB)

Other PB scores: National Level - Amiee and Keira; Regional Level - Paula and Scarlet.

Suki members are now preparing for their next events. The national team will compete at the British Championships and NAC Cup on September 9-11 in Stoke, with the regional team competing at the Virtue competition on October 2 in Reading.