Explora 1: Look inside the boutique MSC cruise liner that visited Portsmouth International port on exclusive trip

Guests got to explore a luxury cruise liner which sailed into Portsmouth this weekend.

Explora 1, part of the Explora Journeys brands under MSC, visited Portsmouth International Port on Saturday. This is her second ever call.

She will be heading to Copenhagen, Denmark, on Tuesday – before going on a seven-night sailing to Rekjavik, Iceland. Explora 1 is the first of six boutique vessels, which will be built between 2023 and 2028.

Holidaymakers are promised an experience called “ocean state of mind” – where people can escape to the ocean, relax, create memories and reconnect with what matters most in life. The cruise liner is complete with a thermal area, two VIP double spa suites, beauty salon, fitness area and other wonderful features.

Look through all the pictures to see how amazing the ship is.