Only Connect: Who won the series 17 final, will there be another series and how to apply to take part in the BBC Two show

THE 17th series of Only Connect came to an end on Monday evening – but will there be another series?

Thursday, 27th January 2022, 6:28 pm

Only Connect invites two teams to compete against each other to find connections between seemingly unrelated clues.

The show is hosted by Victoria Coren Mitchell and it first aired on BBC Four in September 2008, before moving over to BBC Two in July 2014.

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Only Connect is presented by Victoria Coren Mitchell.

The final of the most recent season marked the 400th episode of Only Connect.

Here is everything you need to know about the quiz show:

How does Only Connect work?

The two teams of three will go head-to-head in the quiz game in four nail-biting rounds.

In the first round, teams must try to work out the link between four clues which are revealed one at a time.

The teams will win more points for the fewer clues they need to work out the link.

Round two works similarly but all the clues now form a sequence.

In order to win the round, the teams must correctly identify the last clue in the sequence.

In round three, each team faces a 'Connecting Wall'

The wall is made up of 16 random clues and the teams will go against the clock to separate the clues into four groups of four.

The last round is called 'Missing Vowels' and the teams will be given a category and a related clue with the vowels removed.

The teams need to buzz quickly to correctly guess the clue.

At the end of each episode, the team with the highest score progresses through to the next round of the competition.

Who won the series 17 final?

The final episode saw the Data Wizards (Claire Turner, Tim Brown, and Jonathan Cairns) go up against the Golfers (Evan Lynch, Frances Clark-Murray, and George Charlson) in a very tense battle for the Only Connect trophy.

However, the Data Wizards managed to win the series by just three points.

Will there be another series?

Following the end of series 17, fans of the show have been questioning when the next series will be on TV.

Sadly, the 18th season of the show is yet to be confirmed by the BBC.

However, there is hope as the application site for the show is still open, hinting that a new season is on its way.

How to apply for Only Connect

Parasol Media, the production company behind Only Connect, currently has a live webpage where fans can apply to take part in the show.

The page states that Only Connect is ‘seeking teams of three players or single applicants looking for like-minded teammates to take part in the next series.’

All applicants must be over the age of 18 and be a resident in the UK or the Channel Islands.

If you have applied for the show before but your application has been unsuccessful, you are welcome to apply again on the webpage.

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