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Lindsay Lohan
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:: Mean Girls actress LINDSAY LOHAN is being urged to honour her Twitter pledge to switch on Kettering town’s Christmas lights after implying earlier this year that nobody had heard of the place.

The MP for the Northamptonshire borough, which has a population of about 81,000 and is twinned with Kettering in Ohio, in the United States, has asked the US star to “please get in touch” after she initially appeared happy to to accept an invitation back in the summer.

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It followed a series of tweets she made during the night of the referendum, in which she apparently signalled her support for the Remain campaign.

The town’s Conservative MP Philip Hollobone then invited Lohan “to switch on the Christmas lights ... thus redeeming her political reputation and raising money for good causes” in a speech to the House of Commons on June 30.

She subsequently tweeted: “Direct message me about your offer. Would be happy to light the Christmas tree in #Kettering.”

However, the MP said that since then Kettering Borough Council, which is organising the switch-on next month, has yet to hear from her.

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Hollobone added the offer still stood and the borough would “love to hear from her” but “despite everyone’s best efforts it’s not been possible to track her down”.

:: HOLLY WILLOUGHBY and BEN SHEPHARD were left in fits of uncontrollable laughter after Willoughby spoke about ‘willy wanging’ instead of ‘welly wanging’ on live television.

The This Morning presenters could hardly contain themselves as the star made the verbal blunder during the ITV daytime programme.

The duo were re-enacting a moment from a 2015 episode, in which Willoughby accidentally smashed an ornamental pineapple with a Wellington boot during a welly wanging segment.

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This time, she threw a golden pineapple across the studio and tricked viewers into thinking she had broken it again.

Shephard then asked her: “Since that day, a year ago today, have you ever hit anything that you’ve been throwing at?”

She replied: “Funnily enough, I’ve never willy wanged since then.”

The TV stars and the crew in the studio burst out laughing, with neither Shephard or Willoughby able to speak for over 15 seconds.

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:: EDDIE REDMAYNE has revealed he was so nervous about appearing at Comic Con for the first time that his co-star COLIN FARRELL had to calm him down with a back rub.

The actor plays Newt Scamander in the the latest Harry Potter film, Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them, which is released in cinemas next month.

Appearing on the Graham Norton Show, Redmayne said he felt like a “wannabe Justin Bieber” after appearing in front of thousands of people at the comic festival in July.

He added: “I’d heard from friends what the experience was, but I had no idea how big it would be.

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“I was chronically nervous to the extent that I had Colin Farrell giving me a back rub and whispering sweet nothings into my ear trying to calm me down.”

:: HILLARY CLINTON has told how she was “stunned and thrilled” to receive ADELE’S backing to be the next US president.

Although she is unable to vote in the looming election herself, the singer still had her say by urging fans to reject DONALD TRUMP as she performed in Miami on Tuesday night.

“Don’t vote for him, that’s what I’m saying,” Adele told crowds who cheered in reply.

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Clinton said she was “really grateful” to receive the British star’s endorsement that came just hours after former Republican secretary of state Colin Powell backed her bid for the White House.

“I went to the Adele concert after we finished our day of campaigning in Florida, and I was stunned and thrilled because I’m a huge fan of hers and it meant a lot to me that she said something so positive,” she told US radio station SiriusXM.