Restrictions on mass events, such as festivals, will be lifted from July 19. Meaning Victorious Festival will be allowed to go ahead in August. There is still time to buy your tickets!

11 things you can do in Portsmouth from ‘freedom day’ on July 19

The final easing of lockdown restrictions will go ahead later this month.

Friday, 16th July 2021, 11:13 am

It had been postponed from June 21, but the Prime Minister announced that step four in the government’s Covid roadmap would go ahead as planned on July 19 – which is next week.

The easing will see the end of social distancing and the mask-mandate, as well as the opening of venues such as theatres and nightclubs.

A lot will change on July 19, so we have pulled together a guide to 11 things you will be able to do in Portsmouth after Monday.

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