FOOD REVIEW:The Rusty Cutter, Bedhampton

How does the saying go? Breakfast is the most important meal of the day?

By The Newsroom
Tuesday, 13th June 2017, 4:23 pm
Updated Wednesday, 14th June 2017, 12:40 pm
The Rusty Cutter, Bedhampton

Well, with families increasingly choosing to go out for breakfast rather than going out for an evening meal it is no wonder the competition to get early morning custom is fierce.

Often cheaper and more leisurely, finding the perfect place to start your day is becoming an essential part of the weekend.

So with this in mind I headed to The Rusty Cutter at Bedhampton accompanied by two mini-testers who absolutely love a breakfast outing.

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But they are not fans of having to wait for their food so this eatery, part of the Beefeater chain, is just perfect for the hungry or impatient.

A hot buffet is tucked away in a quirky little ‘cupboard’ which featured all the usual hot fare of sausages, bacon, hash browns, mushrooms, tomatoes, beans, scrambled and fried eggs and black pudding, great for those people who see a buffet as a challenge.

Quorn sausages, poached eggs and omelettes can also be cooked to order.

Laid out in the restaurant is also a long table filled with bread for toasting, pancakes, pastries, crumpets, fruit, ham, yoghurts and cereal .

And of course there is that all-important drinks table with tea, coffee and juices from which to help yourself, which I most certainly made use of.

After grabbing their apple juices and smoothies (and feeling very grown up at being able to do it themselves) my two hungry children headed straight to the cereal section and were delighted to fill their bowls for the first course of their mini breakfast buffet.

Meanwhile I started slowly on the hot buffet (I’m more about pacing myself than loading up my plate in a food mountain) and grabbed some toast, sausage and mushrooms before ordering a poached egg which was delivered to our table in a suitably speedy time.

My sausages were tasty, mushrooms perfectly cooked, as was my toast – made with my own fair hands.

But the seemingly hard-boiled egg was more a watery mess rather than the lighter poached egg I was looking forward to.

Still, the great thing about buffets is that if at first you don’t succeed you can most definitely try again.

So I steered clear of the eggs (the fried eggs also looked a bit overdone for my taste) and instead helped myself to another sausage, tomatoes and a hash brown which I’m pleased to report did not disappoint.

Meanwhile the small people were very much ready for their next course and were again delighted at being able to make their own toast – taking great delight at watching it whizz through the toaster which apparently is far more exciting than making it at home. While one smothered theirs with jam and their other with peanut butter I decided there was just enough room for me to sample one of the pastries which the helpful staff gladly heated for me.

It was light, fluffy and perfectly tasty and a great way for me to end my breakfast. It was great for all three of us to leave full and very happy at being able to mix and match our breakfasts.

The food was tasty but the best news for me was the price.... £8,99 for me and that’s it. Both my children were able to eat free thanks to their marvellous offer of up to two children going free with every paying adult.

So not only was it a winner on the taste front but also one on the bargain front. Going out for breakfast is most definitely a cheaper option than an evening meal!

Let’s be clear, it is no Michelin star experience, more of a good old-fashioned family get-together where you can eat whatever you want and it will not cost you an arm and a leg.

A very tasty bargain – just as long as you steer clear of the eggs!

RATINGS (out of five):

Food 4

Value 5

Ambience 4

Child-friendly 4

Tel: (023) 9247 2619