Like dogs? You'll love Goodwoof, the ultimate day out for you and your four-legged friend

Gooseberry, a 10-month-old Parson Russell Terrier, at The Kennels, the venue for GoodwoofGooseberry, a 10-month-old Parson Russell Terrier, at The Kennels, the venue for Goodwoof
Gooseberry, a 10-month-old Parson Russell Terrier, at The Kennels, the venue for Goodwoof
On May 28 and 29, the grounds of Goodwood House will be taken over by dogs of all shapes, sizes and breeds with the launch of Goodwoof presented by MARS Petcare - an exciting new event celebrating everything we love about our four-legged friends.

Devised by real dog-lovers and delivered with the charm, wit and style for which Goodwood’s other world-leading events are renowned, Goodwoof will feature a fantastic line-up of activities to entertain dogs and their human companions.

All eyes will be on the spellbinding competition elements in the Action Arena, where international Disc Dog champion Adrian Stocia makes his debut in Britain, showcasing spectacular skills in distance and freestyle frisbee.

Alternatively, there’s the high-energy head-to-head of Canisports and Flyball, where the top 10 representatives in the UK will lock horns. Each will depend on a unique harmony between handler and dogs.

Take part in special activities with your dog at GoodwoofTake part in special activities with your dog at Goodwoof
Take part in special activities with your dog at Goodwoof

Supreme showmanship will be in abundance with Heelwork to Music and gravity-defying Barkour, where canine partnerships navigate a course designed by a Mission Impossible stunt co-ordinator, not to mention the ball-herding bonanza that is Treibball.

Non-stop, adrenaline-packed action across the disciplines will be the order of the day.

With Goodwood’s varied terrain, working dogs will bring intelligence and impressive skills. British

champion and youngest One Man and His Dog winner Erin McNaught, alongside Ricky Hutchinson, will feature as internationally-recognised champions taking part in the sheepdog trials.

Enjoy a dog-themed day out with your four-legged friend at GoodwoofEnjoy a dog-themed day out with your four-legged friend at Goodwoof
Enjoy a dog-themed day out with your four-legged friend at Goodwoof

An array of complimentary sporting disciplines are available to dip into. Have-a-Go presented by Animal Friends will offer something to suit every dog’s energy level – whether that’s getting ready for a CaniCross run; hopping the Flyball hurdles; catching Frisbees; exploring the Agility course at a pace to suit the competitor or trying to reach top speeds in The Fastest Dog 50-metre dash.

Each year Goodwoof will focus on exceptional breeds and honour heroes from history. Working with the Spaniel for the inaugural event, a breed that aligns closely with the heritage of the estate, all owners of the breed attending the event are invited to enter their spaniel in the largest breed get-together of its kind.

Experts in all areas of dog health and nutrition will be on hand in the MARS Wellness Centre. Dog behaviourists, vets and trainers will cover a multitude of subjects including anxiety in dogs, first aid, reading your dog’s body language, guides to nutrition, exercises for different breeds and so much more – all of which is free to access.

Science’s leading DNA testing kit for dogs will be available at The Wisdom Panel in the Wellness Centre. This world-leading genetic equipment at Goodwoof will not only identify the breeds within a mixed breed dog, but also how the knowledge of the breed can help detect medical disorders and medical complications.

This knowledge helps owners to tailor care, look after a dog’s unique needs and support their health and happiness for years to come.

For those simply in search of time out, after browsing the shopping village or the Cotswold Outdoor Exploration Station - where landscaped zones take guests on a journey through the seasons with their dogs to test out suitable outdoor attire - sit back and relax in the SKY Chill Out Area, or listen to music at the White & Brooks Bandstand.

Visitors can also ‘paws and reset’ with a session in Reiki, sound therapy and Pilates, alongside meditation and dog massage. Bespoke sessions can be booked at The Studio presented by Randox Health.

At Goodwood, each generation has been besotted by their canine companions and more than a few were known for spending far more time on their dogs and horses than they did on their friends and guests.

Built in 1787 by the third Duke of Richmond, The Kennels – which will form the backdrop for Goodwoof - even had central heating installed 100 years before Goodwood House.

Throughout the centuries dogs have remained a steadfast part of the family, a fact perhaps evidenced by their frequent appearances in the family portraits at Goodwood House.

It’s this heritage that forms the focus for Barkitecture presented by Mastercard, where an exciting collection of architectural genii will create a bespoke one-off collection of dog kennels.

Featuring entries from the likes of Jony Ive and Marc Newson, Rogers Stirk Harbour & Partners and Linley, to name a few, it will be chaired by Kevin McCloud and assessed by a panel of judges.

An eye-opening display will include ‘Doge Palace’ depicted by Linley, which forges a plywood palazoo that every dog desires – cosy, warm, and Gothic.

At the alternate end of the spectrum, the eagerly-awaited design by Jony Ive and Marc Newson showcases simplicity belying a degree of complexity, almost child-like in ways.

Further entries include the fortified Bonehenge designed by Bird Portchmouth Russum, where bones forged from timber encapsulate a perfect dog's den, complete with a rainwater spout and glass lantern on the roof.

Haysom Ward Miller has imaginatively curated an office suite fit for any canine king or queen.

All the pieces involved in this magnificent challenge will be auctioned by Bonhams UK for the charity Dogs Trust, giving the general public a chance to get their hands on a barkitectural masterpiece.

The iconic fictional character Snoopy will be represented by an awe-inspiring multi-dimensional collection that heralds the legacy of Charles M Schulz and the whole Peanuts gang.

Originally designed to provide the very best home for Goodwood’s hounds, today The Kennels – the location in which Goodwoof will be staged - is a private members’ clubhouse where dogs can even have their own membership.

It’s inside these walls that artist Holly Frean will exhibit an iconic array of artwork named ‘DOG’. Known for her quirky yet humorous vision, her work will comprise of 18 paintings, each one with a focus on the breeds associated with the Goodwood Estate and the ancestral portraits.

The highlight of the exhibition will be two large oil-on-canvas diptychs. The first is ‘Assembly’ showing a mixture of breeds and the second is ‘Dotty’, a large group of Dalmatians. These will be joined by four framed groups, each encompassing 49 individually-painted canvases, called ‘Labrador’, ‘Poodle’, ‘Hound’ and ‘Lurcher’.

The exhibition will be run by appointment only through the Zimmer Gallery until May 29.

Dogs have long fascinated artists, architects and collectors. They are symbols of love, fidelity, devotion and protection. Whether searching historical archives, be it across the world or in the hallways of Goodwood House, one thing is evident - dogs have evolved with man like no other species on the planet.

Through art and design, alongside an array of fabulous activations, Goodwoof will celebrate a everything we love about the dog.

That dog-first mindset will be evident at Goodwoof, with a wealth of canine content to celebrate the many ways in which dogs enhance all our lives. From play and pampering, trails and treats, to wellness and nutrition, it will be a feast of family-friendly fun, equally suited to those with a dog and those without.

Tickets are on sale, with all entertainment included in the admission price. Adult prices start at £35, 12 years of age and under go free in addition to all dogs. Please call 01243 216610 or visit for tickets and further information.