Mary Rose: When did it sink, did it sink in The Solent, when was it discovered, can you see it in Portsmouth and how much does a visit cost?

THE ‘most important’ maritime discovery since the Mary Rose has been made.

Friday, 10th June 2022, 11:03 am

The ruins of HMS Gloucester, which sank in 1682, were discovered in 2007 but the announcement has just been made today.

It has been compared to the discovery of the Mary Rose.

The famed Tudor warship sank in the Solent and was raised in the 1980s – it is now safe on land in Portsmouth.

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Queues form outside the Mary Rose Museum. Picture: Mike Cooter (220521)

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27 images of the raising of The Mary Rose in the Solent

Here’s all you need to know about the Mary Rose and how to see it:

When did the Mary Rose sink?

The Mary Rose was a Tudor warship, work to build her started in 1510 and was completed in 1512.

She was rebuilt in 1536.

During the first half of the 16th century, she saw action in wars such as War of the League of Cambrai and Italian War of 1521–1526.

The Mary Rose sank during the battle of the Solent, during a battle with French warships.

A definitive reason for the sinking is not known, however there are a number of theories.

Why did the Mary Rose sink?

The question of why the Mary Rose sank remains a hotly debated one.

One of the most popular theories is that a strong gust of wind hit while the gunports were open and caused fatal damage, leading to the sinking. This is possibly due to the ship being altered late in her career and was not properly seaworthy.

There are also claims that she was sunk by a French warship during the battle, a claim made at the time by Martin du Bellay, a French cavalry officer.

When was the Mary Rose discovered?

There were attempts in the 1540s to try and salvage the Mary Rose, but these proved to ultimately be unsuccessful.

She was first rediscovered by fishermen in the 19th century, after nets got caught on parts of the wreck. Diver Henry Abbinett became the first person to see the Mary Rose in nearly 300 years on June 10, 1836.

A gun discovered in the wreckage by further divers helped identify the wreck as the Mary Rose.

The modern search for the Mary Rose began in 1965 and the ship was discovered again on May 5, 1971.

When was the Mary Rose raised?

After she was rediscovered in the 70s, it took more than a decade to successfully raise the Mary Rose.

There were survey and excavation efforts, with the project received royal patronage from Prince Charles – and he even participated in dives.

Finally, the Mary Rose was raised October 11, 1982. Almost 40 years ago.

Is the Mary Rose in Portsmouth?

After being raised, the Mary Rose was moved to the Historic Dockyard in Portsmouth and is now a popular museum attraction.

How much does it cost to visit the Mary Rose Museum?

Tickets for the Mary Rose Museum start at £24 per person.