UK boob jobs get smaller

Britain's boob jobs are getting smaller - with women opting for the athletic '˜gym body' look over super-sized breasts, according to new data.

Thursday, 19th May 2016, 12:47 pm
Updated Thursday, 19th May 2016, 1:50 pm

In just ten years the average breast size achieved through surgery has plunged from an F cup to a more modest C.

The figures also revealed a change in the shape of implants, with the focus on front cleavage giving way the ‘sideboob’ which complement current clothing fashions.

However, northern women are still opting for bigger breast ops, with an average one-cup size boost over their southern counterparts.

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The biggest average breast ops are carried out in Hull, according to the figures from operations conducted by the Transform Cosmetic Surgery in 2015.

Women in Edinburgh opted for the smallest size - an average size C - just like

their counterparts in Newquay, Cornwall.

Steven Taylor, marketing director at, said women are shunning the overblown style of Katie Price in favour of a more demure Taylor Swift look.

“We are seeing a trend towards women opting for the high-fashion toned model look,” he said.

“A toned athletic look is currently favoured over a more sexualised and glamorous look.

“It is fascinating to see how women’s views of the perfect body shape have developed in a decade and how the celebrities they have referenced most during consultations with our surgeons have changed.”

Despite the overall drop in size, demand for breast augmentation has never been bigger and demand has risen to its highest-ever level.

Manchester and London are the most popular cities for boob jobs at Transform’s clinics.

The figures also revealed a dramatic change in the role models women choose when aiming for the perfect breasts.

In 2006 Pamela Anderson had the boobs most women wanted to emulate and in

2012 Kim Kardashian topped the list.

This year her smaller-chested supermodel sister Kendall Jenner was voted as

having the most enviable boobs.

A quarter of women now say they have augmentation to improve the side profile of their boobs, driven by the modern trend for ‘minimalist’ clothing.

The average age for a breast op is 26 - with 35 per cent of patients using finance to pay for their op.

Over the past ten years women in Manchester have had the equivalent of 15,837 pints of

silicone pumped into their breasts, and London 10,559 pints, making Manchester the overall ‘breast’ capital of the UK.



2006 - UK F, North E, South DD

2007 - UK F, North F, South DD

2008 - UK E, North E, South F

2009 - UK DD, North DD, South D

2010 - UK F, North F, South DD

2011 - UK DD, North DD, South D

2012 - UK DD. North, F, South D

2013 - UK D, North D, South D

2014 - UK D, North D, South C

2015 - UK C, North D, South C

2016 - UK C, North C, South C


2006 - Pamela Anderson (pictured left)

2007 - Victoria Beckham

2008 - Jodie Marsh

2009 - Heidi Montag

2010 - Katie Price

2011 - Kelly Brook

2012 - Kim Kardashian

2013 - Beyonce

2014 - Nicole Scherzinger

2015 - Taylor Swift

2016 - Kendall Jenner (pictured right)