Errant fox that wreaked havoc in Portsmouth laundrette The Laundry Room retrieved by RSPCA

AFTER days of searching, the fox that ruined a Portsmouth laundrette has been discovered.

Wednesday, 18th May 2022, 3:59 pm
Updated Wednesday, 18th May 2022, 3:59 pm

RSPCA officers lured the mischievous mammal into a cage this afternoon, and retrieved it.

Over the weekend, the canid ran rampant in The Laundry Room, in Kingston Road – chewing wires, ripping up seat upholstery and breaking mirrors.

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Errant fox ruins Portsmouth launderette The Laundry Room as owner struggles to c...

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The errant fox that ran rampart in The Laundry Room, a laundrette in Kingston Road, Portsmouth, has been retrieved by RSPCA officers. Picture: Tariq Danba.

Owner Tariq Danba said finding the fox is the first step in getting his business back to normal.

He told The News: ‘The RSPCA laid out a box, which had food in it.

‘I’m relieved that it’s finally been caught.’

The pest caused a social media stir over the weekend, with employees and residents catching glimpses of it inside the laundrette.

RSPCA officers have retrieved the fox, and are planning on a safe way to release it. Picture: Tariq Danba.

First reports of the errant animal came in on Friday, with Mr Danba only discovering the extent of the damage on Monday morning.

Flats above the business have a connected terrace garden, with a disused air vent nearby.

Mr Danba, 31, thinks it managed to sneak through it and get to the ceiling, where it broke through the roof tiles.

He added: ‘It’s very old, I don’t think it’s even in use any more.

Mr Danba suspects the mischievous mammal had got onto the premises through a disused air vent. Picture: Tariq Danba.

‘It must have come through there.

‘We’ve given the fox food and water, and it is about to get released soon.’

The owner said despite him and his employees hearing several noises since Friday, only one creature has been found.

Mr Danba found out from neighbours that the fox has three cubs, which have yet to be found.

Tariq Danba said he is hopeful things will get back to normal by next week, and hopes the damage has been cleared. Pictured: Owner Tariq Danba at The Laundry Room, Portsmouth on May 16, 2022. Picture: Habibur Rahman.

He said the RSPCA are planning to unite them.

As for the premises itself, a lot of hard work still needs to be done.

Mr Danba has called in a cleaner, electrician, and decorator, to make the necessary repairs – hoping for things to settle down.

The 31-year-old said: ‘Hopefully, we can try and get back on our feet this week.

‘Luckily, there was not any major damage to the machines.

Pictured: Area in which the fox is thought to have come in from at The Laundry Room, Portsmouth on Monday 16 May 2022. Picture: Habibur Rahman.

‘We can still trade now, even though the wallpapers and vinyl signs have been ripped and scratched up.

‘Thankfully, that is something that can easily be replaced.

‘The customers have been very understanding about it, and hopefully, things will get back to normal.’