Entrepreneur realises his dream and sets up gym

BRINGING healthy living at affordable prices to Leigh Park was the dream of accountant-turned-personal trainer Patrick Muwanga.

Friday, 30th September 2016, 5:55 am
Updated Wednesday, 5th October 2016, 2:32 pm
Patrick Muwanga has opened up his own gym called Bodyworx 360 in Park Parade, Leigh Park Picture: Sarah Standing (161277-6780)

And it’s a dream that’s come true. The entrepreneur has spoken of his pride at opening Bodyworx 360, in Park Parade, in May – and of its successful first five months in business.

Patrick’s idea was turned into reality when he attracted investors to raise the money needed to open the gym.

‘It’s something I’ve always wanted to do,’ he said.

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It wasn’t easy, however, as they faced many challenges before they could finally start business.

‘It’s a tough market and accessing public funds was a no-go area,’ said Patrick, whose new gym has taken the place of a charity shop.

Setting up premises was also a challenge as several owners didn’t want to take on start-up companies because of their unknown status. The recession also made it harder to find investors and it took seven years to open the gym.

However, the hard work paid off and the customers are now pouring in.

‘It’s phenomenal, that feeling when you open the doors, people come in and you know you got it right,’ he said.

He said positive reviews on social media are also streaming through, the friendly staff and welcoming atmosphere often being highlighted.

Though Bodyworx 360 is competing with several gyms in the area, it regards its customer care as its unique selling point.

It also prides itself on the value for money and competitive prices it offers, its new equipment and the ‘exceptionally warm ambience’.

‘We are the best of the best, that’s us,’ said Patrick.