Sales head gets over 100,000 hits and launches firm

Daniel Disney, director of The Daily SalesDaniel Disney, director of The Daily Sales
Daniel Disney, director of The Daily Sales
Daniel Disney started his career in a desk job, writing a modest weekly sales blog on LinkedIn.

Now, he is hailed as a sales and meme whizz with more than 100,000 followers on his new company website, The Daily Sales.

Daniel said: ‘I started my sales blog two years ago. I had been in the industry 15 years and wanted to share my knowledge. I didn’t realise I was creating a brand for myself.’

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As Daniel’s followers on the professional site grew, so did his ambition. Daniel explained: ‘One day I posted a funny photo that pulled some sales comedy into the mix (commonly known as a meme). I got more hits that day than any other previous posts.’

Soon enough, The Daily Sales was born. The website is a combination of Daniel’s blog and memes, providing advice and motivating staff. The blog remains and showcases socially-driven content and the opportunities it can create for businesses. The site’s 150,000 followers grows by 800-1,200 weekly.

Dan, 30, and originally from Gosport, manages a large sales team full-time in Portsmouth. In his spare time, he builds his Daily Sales empire.

He said: ‘If an advertiser approaches me, I can help to bring them traffic and pull traffic to my site at the same time. But I will never over-advertise. It’s business but it’s also fun!’

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The ISM (Institute of Sales Management) has brought Dan in to help utilise its audience. He has given motivational talks and is currently working on a series of books which will feature his staple combination of training, motivational material and comedy.

Dan said: ‘Industry texts can be stuffy so this will be very different. I’m also ready to take things up a step. I’m enjoying being a coaching consultant and the diverse opportunities that the blog has brought me, but some things I want to keep close to my chest. Watch this space.’