Video sending software Camflare created by Portsmouth entrepreneur goes global

A NEW software created by a man from Portsmouth that allows for the easy sending and receiving of high-quality videos has reached worldwide audiences since it was developed last year.

Monday, 30th August 2021, 1:34 pm
Updated Monday, 30th August 2021, 11:48 pm
Neil Bentley from Camflare

Camflare, a software set up by Neil Bentley during lockdown, was an idea inspired by the challenges his graphic and video agency, Webvid, faced when trying to receive video material from clients around the world for virtual events.

The difficulty in sending and receiving lengthy videos at a reasonable quality inspired Mr Bentley to create a new software that could be paired with Dropbox to make this more efficient, without affecting the storage of devices.

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The software is easy to use, with users simply sending a link, a QR code or a pin number to the person they wish to receive a video from. This can be used in a variety of ways, such as a student asking a teacher for feedback through video, or a business trying to crowdsource opinions.

Mr Bentley, who is originally from Buckland but now lives in Epsom, said: ‘It’s been incredible to see how many people have used it around the world for lots of different uses.’

Over the past year, Camflare has been used all over the world, including by universities in Columbia and Malaysia. Students have used the app for coursework projects, with the help of the teleprompter feature which allows them to maintain eye contact with the webcam while reading from a script.

The founder, who has worked at multiple radio stations including Heart FM in London and Power FM, said: ‘We get new users every single day from all around the world. It’s been unreal to see. From Peru to Columbia, from Malaysia to Germany, to the UK, it’s really expanded fantastically well.’

Despite the software becoming a worldwide sensation that has grown through search engines on the internet, Mr Bentley and his team are thinking of new ways to improve the features.

They are planning to improve the storage features by allowing people to partner the software with alternative storage methods such as Google Drive or One Drive accounts.

They have also added new features such as allowing for previously recorded videos to be uploaded, rather than just videos taken at that moment in time.

They hope that the software will soon be used more in conferences, podcasts and testimonials, as they believe this creation is the ‘ultimate solution’ for these communication methods.

Mr Bentley funded the creation of the app himself, but is now ‘actively looking’ to take his idea to investors to help expand his business.

He added: ‘It’s just been mad how it’s grown really. It’s a joy.’

Mr Bentley has offered a free month of professional use to The News readers, which can be accessed by signing up and using THENEWS as the promo code.

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