Be bright and be seen

On November 15, Rowner Junior School took part in a Be Bright, Be Seen day to learn all about road safety and to raise some money for its emotional wellbeing curriculum.

Thursday, 12th December 2019, 5:14 pm
Children at Rowner Junior School dress in bright colours in order to stay safe on their bikes.

This was an annual event to help spread awareness of how to be safe in the local area.

The school community showed a positive attitude towards the event and were keen to wear their bright clothes.

Headteacher, Kerry Payne, said: ‘We were happy to take part in the event and it helped us to learn important messages. Being seen when walking to and from school will help us all to be safe. It also helped us to raise money to put towards a buddy bench, which is something our whole school community will benefit from.’

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In addition, Shannon Dymond, wellbeing lead in the school, said: ‘It was lovely to see so many children taking part in the day and wearing so many bright colours. We learnt lots of valuable information about how we can keep ourselves safe when travelling to and from school.’

As well as dressing up in bright clothes for the event, the children were also treated to a special visit from ‘Bike it Sophie’ who works for Sustrans.

Sophie gave the children lots of information about how to stay safe and played some exciting games and quizzes with the school councillors.

Many children made positive comments about the day and are enthusiastic about taking part again next year.

One student said: ‘Be bright, be seen was important because it’s getting darker and we need to be seen.’

Another student said: ‘My favourite part was meeting an expert on how to be safe outside and getting to wear bright clothes.’