School closures: More Hampshire schools say they will close on Tuesday - as some decide to take action in heatwave, while others stay open but change uniform rules

HAMPSHIRE schools have announced closures because of the soaring temperatures and the heat warning from the Met Office.

Hampshire County Council has advised schools, pre-schools and nurseries in the authority area to remain open next week in accordance with the national guidance on managing hot weather, while Portsmouth City Council told The News that it is not expecting any school closures due to the heat.

Across the UK, schools follow the same protocol as workplaces when it comes to extreme weather conditions, which means there is a minimum temperature but no maximum temperature to warrant closure.

But so far in Hampshire

Hampshore schools have announced closures because of the heat

The Petersfield School has said it is closed on Monday and Tuesday because of the heat warning Endeavour Primary School in Andover is closed on Tuesday Rowhill School in Aldershot is closed on Tuesday Bohunt School in Liphook will be closed on Tuesday The Costello School in Crossborough Hill, Basingstoke, was closed on Monday Swanmore College is closed on Monday and Tuesday but because of a collapsed sewer, not because of the heat

Schools have been asked to follow the government guidance and to consider being flexible in terms of relaxing uniform rules as well as make sure that children stay well hydrated, apply sun cream and keep in the shade while playing outdoors, as well as managing indoor temperatures safely and effectively.

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Primary and secondary schools across the area have announced that uniform rules will be relaxed in a bid to help keep youngsters cool in the heat.

Paulsgrove schools The Victory and Beacon View have advised that children can wear their PE kit to school, and have asked that pupils have named water bottles and hats as well as being sent to school with suncream already applied.

Arundel Court Primary Academy and Nursery has suggested that children come to school in light coloured clothing and not school uniform.

In a Facebook post, the school said: ‘Polo t-shirts, school trousers and the Year 6 shirts are hot and uncomfortable for the kids to sit in so we are going to advise that you send them in wearing t-shirts and shorts, light coloured if possible with no strappy tops or football kits. ‘Please make sure that sun cream has been applied and that they have a named hat.’

Ark Dickens Primary Academy has said that while pupils can choose to leave blazers, jumpers, cardigans and ties at home for this week, all other uniform remains compulsory.

Children at Ark Ayrton Primary Academy can wear their PE kit - a white t-shirt and black shorts - next week, although denim, strappy or cropped tops, or strappy shoes are not allowed.

Trafalgar School has said that students can continue to wear school uniform minus ties and blazers or their school PE kit. No leggings or tracksuit bottoms are allowed as this could cause heat stroke, and students will be sent home to change if they come in wearing these.

Park Community School in Leigh Park has said that students can wear their PE kit or their uniform without tie and blazer if needed.

Swanmore Primary School has said that children do not need to wear uniform, and can be collected at 1.30pm if parents wish to pick them up then.

The situation is being monitored and schools will be sent updated advice should the direction from the Department for Education change.

Staff have also been advised to ensure that children do not take part in vigorous physical activity on very hot days, such as when temperatures exceed 30 degrees, and to consider readjusting their time spent outdoors as appropriate.