Gosport man overcomes depression and social isolation after losing seven stoneÂ

AFTER spending more than two decades suffering with depression, isolation and low self-esteem, John Scott decided to something about it.

Thursday, 25th October 2018, 5:05 pm
Updated Thursday, 25th October 2018, 6:15 pm
John Scott, 31, from Alverstoke dropped from 336lbs to 198lbs Picture: Malcolm Wells (181010-7115)

In January the 31-year-old signed up to Weight Watchers and joined a gym, determined to lose weight and turn his life around.

At his heaviest, John was more than 22 stone but now, he has lost seven stone and said the weightloss has given him a new lease of life.

The Gosport resident said: '˜I decided to completely change my diet and lifestyle after I hit rock bottom in January.

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John Scott before his dramatic weightloss

'˜I thought I could escape my issues with video games but I realised I couldn't and something had to be done.

'˜I felt isolated, I felt judged and I had no social life.'

Slowly, John began to understand where he was going wrong with his eating habits and chose to start eating smaller portions.

With the support from the Alverstoke Weight Watchers group and the gym sessions, he started to lose the pounds.

After months of hard work, John's confidence boosted and he was able to start working part-time '“ something he could not do when he was overweight and battling depression.

John added: '˜I have now settled into a new job and hope to pursue my dream of working in administration in the future.'

Although he has lost seven stone, John is still a stone from his target weight which he aims to reach in the next few weeks.

Looking back, he said the exercise and eating was only part of the challenge with his mentality the hardest thing to change.

'˜It took me time realise I had to train my mind first before I could take weight loss seriously,' he said.

'˜Weightloss is mind over matter. But when I started my healthier lifestyle, I started feeling more confident and was able to wear the clothes I wanted.

'˜It is something I could not have done without Weight Watchers. What I've learned from both the meetings as well as the chats with the group has helped me greatly. I am now dedicated to a healthier lifestyle. 

'˜It took one year to change two decades worth of mental and physical pain

'˜Losing more than seven stone feels like a rebirth, I have mentally and physically transformed.'