Portsmouth GP surgeries react to being ranked best and worst in city by patients

THE GP patient survey for 2019 has revealed how the city’s surgeries are rated by the people who use them.

Friday, 22nd November 2019, 6:00 am
Updated Sunday, 24th November 2019, 4:00 pm

Based on data taken between January and March of this year, which was then published in July, the survey asked people to rank their doctor’s practice in a variety of different categories.

This included asking them if they felt that their overall experience at their GP’s was good.

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Best and worst GP surgeries in Portsmouth in 2019 - as rated by their patients

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GP practices

After you have read the above rankings of the GP practices in the city, based on the scores from the people who use them, see how the best and worst reacted.


Kirklands Surgery

In a statement the practice said: ‘Kirklands Surgery is delighted to be the highest-rated practice for patients ‘overall experience of a GP surgery’ as we continually strive to provide the best possible care for all our patients.

Surgeries have reacted to the GP patient survey for 2019.

‘We value traditional continuity of care, aim to offer routine appointments with a doctor of choice and have emergency slots for all GPs which are given to the named GP when possible.

‘Reception staff are trained to consider patient needs and the urgency of the request - and our patients have a choice of access for appointments by phone, walk-in and online. Longer routine appointments allow GPs and nurses time to involve patients in decisions about their care.’

Craneswater Group PracticeResponding to their high overall experience score, the practice said in a statement: ‘Craneswater Group Practice has worked hard to offer continuity of care to our patient population across both our sites since the merger of the Waverley Road and Salisbury Road surgeries in 2016.

‘We are delighted with the survey results in all areas and we are glad to hear that so many of our patients appear to be happy with our services. Thank you to all those who participated.

‘There are lots of challenges facing primary care presently but we strive to continue to provide safe and high quality patient-focused care delivered by our team of dedicated, professional and enthusiastic staff.

‘We are supported by our Patient Forum which provides a channel of communication between patients and the practice and is important in helping to develop our services in accordance with patient needs.’


East Shore Partnership

In a statement, the practice said: ‘Our results were based on 129 returns - just 0.009 per cent of our patients – when we routinely receive more feedback on a monthly basis, with 88 per cent of our patients willing to recommend us to friends and family members.

‘East Shore has invested heavily in recruiting a fantastic team of dedicated healthcare professionals, including advanced nurse practitioners, paramedic practitioners, practice pharmacists, nurses and healthcare assistants - all supervised by a GP.

‘Since the survey, we’ve introduced improvements to help patients contact us. We now have more than 5,000 consultation requests online annually; 35 per cent of appointments available to book online and our ‘queue busting’ initiative allows patients to hang up the phone and be automatically called back when they are next in line.

‘We’re very encouraged that 99 per cent of respondents said their needs were met during their last appointment and 96% had confidence and trust in their healthcare professional.’

Trafalgar Medical Group Practice

Dr Jon Price said: ‘We are continually striving to improve services to our patients and feel that a great deal of progress has been made since the last GP patient survey was completed.

‘We have managed to recruit several new doctors – and are now up to full complement for the first time in years. We also have a new, improved phone system, more receptionists to cope with demand - and we can offer more late night and weekend appointments.

‘We’ve also seen an increased use of our online service. These factors have made a huge difference to the way we can operate, which I think patients have noted – judging by the feedback we are getting in the surgery.

‘We also have very effective quarterly meetings with our Patient Participation Group, which we actively encourage out patients to join.’

Guildhall Walk Heathcare Centre

In a statement, the practice said: ‘Guildhall Walk is disappointed to hear our patients have felt their overall experience of the surgery has fell short of expectation over the last year and we take this feedback extremely seriously.

‘We are continuously working with our management, clinical and support teams and NHS Portsmouth Clinical Commissioning Group to make improvements to ensure both patient safety and patient experience is of an extremely high standard, and we strive to engage with all our patients to gain valuable feedback when making improvements and to monitor how they felt their experience at the surgery has been.

‘Like many surgeries across the country, it continues to be challenging to recruit GPs but despite this our service continues to offer flexible appointments to patients and offer a specialist service for patients struggling to access primary care services.’

Portsdown Group PracticeThe practice issued the following statement: ‘Whilst we are, of course, disappointed with the results of the GPPS, we would like to make a few relevant observations.

‘The results are based on just 133 surveys (from 395 sent out). This represents 0.003 per cent of our patients and we would therefore question its statistical probity.

‘By contrast, the NHS.UK website, which publishes online feedback from patients, contains over 1000 surveys, mostly taken in the last 6 months (as opposed to the period from January – March 2019 in the GPPS) and the vast majority of which rate our surgeries as 4 stars (out of 5) or above.

‘Since March 2019 (when the survey was completed), and in response to the concerns expressed by our patients, we have invested heavily in new technology (replacing the old phone system) and in our clinical workforce.

‘This has resulted in a 10 per cent increase in the number of appointments we offer, and, importantly, all of our appointments are now 15 minutes, giving our patients more time with a clinician, resulting in better outcomes.

‘We are encouraged by some of the more positive aspects of the survey, particularly in those areas where we score better than the CCG average – namely:

– 86% (CCG Average – 84%) of the respondents said that the healthcare professional they saw or spoke to was good at giving them enough time during their last general practice appointment

– 98% (CCG average – 96%) of patients had confidence and trust in the healthcare professional they saw or spoke to during their last general practice appointment

– 85% (CCG average – 84%) of patients said that the healthcare professional they saw or spoke to was good at treating them with care and concern.

Are you surprised by any of the results from the GP Patient survey.