Stubbington family’s bid to bring home ‘fighter’ father who beat Covid ‘nightmare’ despite all odds

A MAN who beat Covid despite incredible odds is fighting to recover from the ‘nightmare’ - but needs help from kind-hearted members of the community to get back to his family.

Wednesday, 3rd August 2022, 3:09 pm

Dad-of-three and ‘wonderful’ husband and friend Adam Fil was not expected to survive after a Covid infection left him fighting for his life.

Now, the people around Adam are appealing for help to get him back to his family in Stubbington - including wife Aneta (33) and his children Jessica (11), Gabriel (eight), and Max (seven).

Adam, an operations manager for Amazon first became sick with Covid in August 2021 and was rushed to QA Hospital, where medical staff found when pneumonia as well as five different types of bacteria.

Adam Fil's wife, Aneta Fil, and their children Gabriel (eight), Jessica (11), and Max (seven) at their home in Stubbington. Picture: Habibur Rahman

Despite being connected to a respirator, Adam’s condition became critical and he was transferred to a London hospital to be put on extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (an ECMO machine).

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Now in a medically induced coma, Adam’s condition went from bad to worse as he suffered an ischemic stroke, a cerebral haemorrhage, collapsed lungs, and sepsis.

As his other organs stopped working and his heart stopped several times, Adam’s family was told his chances of survival was low.

Adam Fil survived Covid despite the odds and now his family are appealing for help to get him home. Picture: Habibur Rahman

Doctors began to consider stopping treatment and disconnecting Adam from life support - but miraculously, he started to respond to medication and began to wake up.

Aggie Key, Adam’s sister, said: ‘As a family we've been told that he was going to die five times during this time, there was a plan for doctors to disconnect him from the ECMO machine, but luckily he's a fighter and we were fighting for our end.’

Today, Adam is continuing his fight towards wellness: after professional help, he started breathing by himself, but cannot use his muscles and needs further rehabilitation in a private hospital to continue with his recovery.

The family are hoping to get Adam home by Christmas, and have launched a fundraiser to raise the funds needed to cover his rehabilitation costs.

Aneta with a picture of Adam when he was in hospital recently. Picture: Habibur Rahman

He is currently in Putney Neurology Rehabilitation Centre, but needs to move to a private clinic which will be able to support him as he recovers.

Aggie says they have set the goal at £1million as there are many things the family need to get back on their feet - including the £7,000 needed for every week Adam spends in the rehabilitation clinic.

She added: ‘The family just needs some stabilisation, and Adam needs physiotherapy in a private clinic with medical equipment which we believe may help him to get back to his feet and get him back home.

Adam with his family in hospital.

‘This whole year was an emotional rollercoaster. As a family we are trying to manage the situation. However it's challenging, as with a two step forward there is one step backward.

‘[The children] just want him back home, they are missing him so much, and Aneta just wants her husband home.

‘We've got a great family support and we are trying to help Aneta, but the thought that Adam is still in the hospital and not able to move means she is living with the fear for his life and family stability.’

The family enjoys some sunshine together.
Adam in hospital.