In pictures: 11 pictures of when members of the Royal family visited to Royal Hospital Haslar in Gosport

Steeped in history, Haslar Hospital is no stranger to royalty with a large number of visits by members of the royal family paying a visit to the Gosport site.

Over the years it has had a large number of royal visitors and recently Haslar Developments Ltd, which is currently redevelopment the site, has unearthed images capturing just some of these many visits which have been shared to The news thanks to the Haslar Heritage Group.

The Royal Hospital Haslar, formerly the Royal Naval Hospital Haslar, in Gosport is filled with history with the site Haslar Farm having ben acquired as a hospital site in 1745 and building work completed in October 1753.

In its early years it was known as the Royal Hospital Haslar. It treated casualties between 1803 and 1815 during the Napoleonic Wars, as well as the injured from both the first and second world wars, and was renamed the Royal Naval Hospital Haslar to reflect its naval traditions in 1954.

The hospital's remit became tri-service in 1996 when it reverted to being called the Royal Hospital Haslar and to mark the handover of control to the National Health Service in 2007, the military medical staff ‘marched out’ of the hospital in 2007. All remaining medical facilities at the site were closed in 2009 and the 25-hectare hospital site, sold to developers, is in the process of being transformed into housing, retail space as well as some community facilities. The hospital itself is a Grade II listed building.

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