Gardening: Your problems solved | Brian Kidd (June 7)

This week: A sad beech tree and a non-jaunty jasmine.

Indoor jasmine.
Indoor jasmine.

Q: My indoor jasmine is no longer green as all the stems and leaves have turned brown. Shall I cut it back? Jenny, by e-mail.

A: It is possible it has dried out or has even been standing in water for a very long time. The best way forward is to cut it back leaving only three inches of stem. Shake the old compost off and repot in fresh, any compost is suitable. Water well but only water again when the compost feels dry.

Q: My beech tree is looking sad. The tips are wilting and there are flies on the leaves. Diane, by e-mail

A: I am afraid I could not open your picture attachment. However, as there is a pest and disease I would recommend you spray the tree when it is in the shade using Multirose in accordance with the recommendations listed for roses.

Repeat after seven days and let me know how pleased you are with the results.

Q: Can you tell me the names of the plants I have photographed in my garden please? Debbie, by e-mail

A: The white flower which has a strange but not unpleasant smell is choisya Aztec Pearl and the other is hebe salicifolia. Both nice evergreen shrubs.

Q: I have sent an attachment showing two different plants. Can you name them please? DC, by e-mail

A: Yes Dori. The one which looks like an arum lily is called zantedeschia and the other with spear-like leaves is called iris xiphoen, a Dutch iris.

Q: Is it too late to sow runner beans? My friend gave me your article which said grow them in a growing bag. I had difficulty getting hold of 8ft-long bamboo canes but have bought them from my local garden centre now. FL, Horndean

A: It isn’t too late. They can be sown up until the end of June and will improve the appearance of the walls on your flat ! Lovely tasty runners…

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