This four bedroom home in Bath Square, Old Portsmouth, is on the market for £3.25m. It is listed on Rightmove by Fry and Kent.

Here's what living in a £3.25m home in Old Portsmouth would look like

A HOME described as ‘one of the most unique’ in the city has gone on sale.

Friday, 24th June 2022, 5:33 pm

The four bedroom house in Bath Square, Old Portsmouth, is on the market for £3.25m. It is listed on Rightmove by Fry and Kent.

Originally used by Customs Officers from at least the early 1700's through to the 1970's when it was purchased by the current owner's family.

The Old Customs Watch House has played witness to the Nation's history with a plethora of ships leaving and entering the harbour including Nelson, Wellington, Captain Scott of the Antarctic, Kings and Queens even witnessing the birth of Australia with the first fleet.

It was originally built with a slipway allowing the Customs oared cutters to launch directly into the harbour hence the racks for the oars still to be found in the Kitchen/Dining Room which previously served as the boat house.

In the Drawing Room hammock hooks are still evident on the beams.

Amusingly one of the other unique feature is the position of the Letter box located at the top of the front door. This was placed at this level to curtail a local custom that developed in the 18th century of people urinating through the letterbox.

There is potential with the roof terrace to develop further accommodation and retain a balcony subject to consultation with the local planning authorities and it may also be permissible to convert the former bonded store into a garage which again would be subject to the necessary permissions.

The current owner has created a comfortable home where one instantly feels relaxed the minute the front door closes behind you.

For more information visit Rightmove’s website or contact Fry and Kent, Southsea,

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