It’s a happy first birthday for Horizon Leisure’s Wellbeing Hub, and there is lots more to come

In June 2023, Horizon Leisure opened a first-of-its-kind Health and Wellbeing Hub based at the Meridian Shopping Mall, a lot has happened since then. 

As they celebrate the Hub’s first anniversary, the team are proud to share some of the successes and to expand their offer to help even more people in the community.

They know that entering a leisure facility can be daunting and this is why the Hub was launched with a relaxed, inviting environment where you can access advice and guidance on all aspects of health and wellness, from losing weight to quitting smoking and exercise, supported by an expert wellness team and other key healthcare partners.


The Hub is conveniently located, meaning you don’t have to travel to a leisure centre for exercise or an out of town hospital or your GP surgery for health interventions.

What’s on at the Hub?

  •  Free health checks for early detection of a range of conditions
  • Health interventions like the weight management programme, Flourish
  • An eight-week ‘Foundations’ exercise orientation programme; a gentle introduction to exercise
  • Specialist beginner group exercise classes
  • Six-week rehabilitation NHS physiotherapist sessions
  • NHS smoking cessation sessions
  • Independent blood pressure testing with results that feed directly to GP surgeries facilitating early detection of high blood pressure

The Foundations Programme

The popular eight-week Foundations programme starts with a really gentle introduction to exercise at the Hub itself, guided by an instructor, followed by a four-week transition into the gym at one of Horizon’s leisure centres, again with instructor support. By the end, you will feel confident in the gym and will receive a reduced rate membership to encourage ongoing healthy habits.

One participant who successfully completed the Foundations Programme, said: “The Horizon Leisure team gave me the confidence to be in a gym environment after feeling it was impossible.”

Horizon is proud that 86.2% of people that have participated in their Foundations programme reported feeling motivated to continue their fitness journey.

Small Group Exercise Classes

Since opening in June 2023, Horizon has improved its offer, introducing more small group exercise classes, including a men’s over 55’s weights class, Ladies that Lift, Beat It, for people living with high blood pressure, a falls prevention class, plus a successful women’s-only weight management course, Flourish.

One gentleman who joined the over 55’s men’s weights course said: “The weights course changed my life! The opportunity to train with people who have the same objective is a great motivator. I've enjoyed the Hub so much that I signed up for another course, and in 12 weeks I've managed to reverse my diabetes, which is a massive bonus.”

Whilst a women on the Flourish course said: “I felt confident in the care and advice provided. They were motivational and made me realise I wasn’t on a diet, just simply changing my lifestyle. I started to lose weight and could see my body starting to change. On completing the programme I signed up for a monthly membership so I could keep up the work.  The programme brought my BMI down to 38.6; it was over 40 before I began.”

Get your free blood pressure test

There is specialist ‘pod’ equipment at the Hub, which will take blood pressure readings that feed directly into the NHS. You don’t need to make an appointment, you can simply turn up, use the ‘pod’ to take your blood pressure and the results will automatically be fed back to your GP practice via a secure computer system.

Anyone that gets a high reading at the Hub will get immediate advice from the hub’s team of experts, as well as access to a supported physical activity and education programme.

Coming soon

  • Horizon is launching specialist weight lifting sessions for teenagers and young adults who may lack confidence to attend leisure centres
  • Seated yoga classes will be relocated to the Hub
  • A winter rowing course will start later this year to enable rowing activities to continue all year
  • Plus they are due to commence delivering ESCAPE-Pain, a group rehabilitation programme for people with chronic back pain.

If you’ve not visited the Hub yet, why don’t you pop in for a chat with the friendly team of experts, and find out what’s on offer for you. You can find them on the ground floor, next to Boswells Cafe at the Meridian Shopping Mall. Or, go to the website.