Baffins Milton Rovers FC home ground PMC Stadium flooded as Southern Water pipe bursts by Eastern Road

Football players rushed to tackle a torrent of storm water after a water pipe burst, flooding parts of a Portsmouth stadium.

The incident, which took place this morning (November 4), saw PMC Stadium, the Tudor Sailing club and adjacent parts of Eastern Road flooded. As a result, a scheduled match was postponed, stadium facilities were damaged and site staff were left rushing to prepare the venue for two upcoming functions – including an 18th birthday party.

The Baffins Milton Rovers Football Club home ground was supposed to host a match between the club and Hamble Club FC.

Facilities manager and Baffins Milton committee member Damian Hider recalled the dramatic moment that the trunk sewer chamber erupted.

He told The News: “You could see all off the pressure mounting up and then all the water came through - all the cast iron lids flew off. It just came down like a river. The pitch is absoluetly hammered to bits.”

He added that players who were on site for training mucked in with the clean-up operation.

Chairman of Baffins Milton FC Steve Cripps added: “You’ve never seen water like it. A torrent of water flooded the sailing centre, our football stadium and out onto Eastern Road. We were about 600-700 milimeters deep at one point.”

In a statement posted on social media, the club praised contractor Colas’ prompt response in sending tankers to drain the water.

A Southern Water spokesperson said: “We are investigating a hydraulic overload of our treated water line near the Baffins Milton Rovers Football Club. This has led to water flooding the car park and parts of the stadium and football pitch. Our specialist teams were on site this morning and the flooding has stopped. Tankers were deployed and have removed the water affecting the area.

“We have been in constant contact with the football club, updating them on our progress. We are currently investigating the incident to make sure a repeat incident does not occur and will complete any repairs that are necessary.”

Part of Eastern Road is shut this weekend as Southern Water works to repair a burst sewer pipe, which has led to heavy congestion for those travelling in and out of the city.