Convicted rapist caught in indecent act while watching boys play football moans: ‘I’m being tarred as a pervert’

A CONVICTED rapist on life licence for an armed robbery caught playing with himself in his car while watching young boys play football moaned to a judge: ‘I’m being tarred as a pervert – it’s not fair.’

Tuesday, 22nd January 2019, 2:22 pm
Updated Thursday, 7th February 2019, 6:32 pm
File photo of police tape

Jurors rejected 55-year-old Richard Barttelot’s claim he was just urinating into a bottle near a football field while the under-12s game was underway after a woman parked next to him told them she saw exactly what he was doing.

The shocked parent, who was at the game at a park in Hampshire, had told Portsmouth Crown Court his lone sex act was in ‘plain view’ to her at around midday.

Prosecutor Martyn Booth told how parents tried to stop the defendant getting away in a ‘determined fashion’ despite him driving aggressively at them.

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File photo of police tape

Despite being found guilty of exposure and careless driving in the getaway, Barttelot moaned to the judge - who had been told the defendant was previously jailed for raping a teenager, and had been handed a life sentence for robbing a Post Office with a sawn-off shotgun.

Speaking from the secure dock, the defendant whined: ‘I got something to say to you your honour.

‘I weed in a bottle, the police had my clothes and the bottle of wee for over a year and they never checked it.

‘What this man (the prosecutor) is implying is not true.

‘I was caught short, I wasn’t aware there was a toilet there so I peed in bottle.

‘Now I’m being tarred as a pervert - it’s not fair.’

The court heard how the defendant was jailed for life in 2001 in Shrewsbury for robbing a large amount of £10 notes from a Post Office.

After his exposure trial in November last year he was recalled under the life licence.

Sentencing, Judge Timothy Mousley QC handed Barttelot a 36-week prison sentence but added: ‘The reality is you will remain in custody.’

Judge Mousley said there was no mitigation, adding the parent whose son was playing football was left distressed. ‘There was young boys or youths playing football on a Sunday morning and you were sitting there watching,’ he said.

Barttelot, of London Road, Cowplain, turned to his family in the public gallery after being sentenced and said: ‘Told you, I get (done) every time.’

He will only be released when the parole board allow him.

Opening the case, Mr Booth said: ‘The circumstances were that there was a game of football being played and young boys were playing football.

‘On the face of it he was watching.’

Mr Booth added: ‘He was in plain sight of her whilst this was going on.’

Barttelot must sign the sex offenders’ register for 10 years. He received no separate penalty for the driving.