Murder jury hears threatening voicemail

JURORS have been read messages from a woman allegedly stabbed to death by a drug addict over a debt that said '˜I owe you nothing'.

Wednesday, 11th October 2017, 3:31 pm
Updated Tuesday, 12th December 2017, 1:13 pm
Police in Toronto Road, Buckland

Nadine Burden, 36, was found by a housemate fatally wounded in Toronto Road, Fratton, at 11.45pm on January 28, a court heard.

Jurors at Victoria Arthur’s murder trial at Salisbury Crown Court today heard text messages and voicemail messages between Ms Burden and Arthur, 44, of Milton Road, and Arthur’s partner, Julie Palmer.

A message from Ms Palmer’s phone on January 27, a day after jurors heard Ms Burden failed to meet Ms Palmer, said: ‘I’m still here and I ain’t letting it go.

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‘Just pay up and all this will be over.’

A section of a later messagge from Ms Burden’s phone said: ‘I don’t owe you nothing. You done me a favour.’

Arthur is accused of travelling from Ms Palmer’s flat in Westminster Place to Toronto Road and murdering Ms Burden by stabbing her seven times.

She denies the murder but accepts stabbing her twice.

An earlier voicemail made at 9.36pm on January 27 by Arthur on Ms Palmer’s phone to Ms Burden’s phone said: ‘Believe me when I tell you bad things are going to happen if you don’t get that money through my girl’s door alright?’