Police issue dispersal order in Nursling amid crack down on car meets after previous incidents of 'street racing' and 'harassment'

POLICE have issued a dispersal order in Hampshire to crack down on unauthorised car meets.

Friday, 17th June 2022, 5:06 pm
Updated Friday, 17th June 2022, 5:08 pm

The order will cover Nursling, including Nursling Industrial Estate, from 6pm this evening to 6pm on Sunday.

Officers have the power to direct a person who has committed, or is likely to commit, anti-social behaviour to leave a specified area and not return for a specified period of up to 48 hours.

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The dispersal order allows police to move people on over a 48 hour period. Picture: Habibur Rahman.

Any items used to conduct anti-social behaviour can also be seized, under section 34 of the order.

Hampshire Constabulary vowed to tackle unauthorised car meets.

Multiple cars were seen racing each other at speed, and doing ‘donuts’.

Police have issued a dispersal order in Nursling to tackle unauthorised car meets. Picture: Hampshire Constabulary

Inspector Chris Taylor, Test Valley District Inspector, said: ‘There have been previous incidents of large gatherings of cars meeting in Nursling.

‘Street racing, damage to road surfaces, noise and dangerous driving has been reported causing harassment, alarm and distress to local residents.

‘Our officers will continue to have an increased presence across hotspot areas in Nursling to deter events such as these large-scale car meets from taking place. If we encounter these events, we will do our utmost to educate those in attendance and take robust enforcement action where necessary.

‘Our operation is not aimed at people meeting in their cars peacefully, simply those disrupting local communities and acting in an anti-social manner.’

These powers can be extended beyond the 48 hour window.