Shocking photos show Bedhampton cat's airgun injuries

SHOCKING images have been released of a cat that had been shot in the face.

Friday, 26th August 2016, 6:00 am
Socks the cat was found shot with an air pellet in Bedhampton on August 11 Picture: Sanctuary Veterinary Clinic

Socks was found at her owner’s home in Bedhampton with bloody wounds to her lip and cheek.

Her owner Rebecca Barber, 33, could see an air pellet embedded in the cat’s face and took her to Sanctuary Veterinary Clinic in Farlington.

Rebecca said: ‘The thing that worried me is some psycho is walking the streets with an air rifle. I could see a big bit of metal.’

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The X-ray of Socks the cat Picture: Sanctuary Veterinary Clinic

Rebecca, of Matthews Close, said 17-month-old Socks was only allowed out of the house a few weeks beforehand.

Vet Becky Wright said: ‘We were shocked and sickened by what had happened and we wanted to inform the public of this horrific incident.’

Socks had to undergo X-rays and Becky said she was lucky not to have damaged her skull or teeth in the incident on August 10. The damage to skin and muscle was extensive.

Becky added: ‘This was incredibly traumatic and the owner thought that her cat may have been dying.

The X-ray of Socks the cat Picture: Sanctuary Veterinary Clinic

‘She brought Socks to the surgery where staff members were appalled at how people can treat a poor animal.

‘She was immediately seen by the veterinary team and we reassured the owner and admitted Socks for treatment.

‘Socks was so sore we gave her an anaesthetic to clean the blood from her face to see the extent of the trauma.’

A vet removed the air pellet and cleaned up the wound and Socks was discharged.

Becky added: ‘Socks was relatively lucky, we have seen cats that have been killed by thoughtless individuals who enjoy shooting them.

‘The shooting has been reported to the police who are taking this seriously.

‘We feel very strongly that callous acts like this should be reported to the police and RSPCA.’

Call the RSPCA on its 24-hour cruelty line on 0300 1234 999 to report cruelty.