Vigilante paedophile hunters snare Fareham carer who works with learning disabled people in Gosport

A LEARNING disability care worker was caught by a vigilante paedophile group after he sent explicit images to a 13-year-old decoy.

Shamed Jamie Waller, 24, admitted attempting sexual communication with a child - the vigilante posing as a girl - but is at the centre of a further ‘significant’ police probe.

Portsmouth Crown Court heard Waller, of Crescent Road, Fareham, found the fake girl online while trying to make pals.

But he quickly turned the conversation to sex making ‘troubling comments’ - despite her saying ‘I’m 13’ in her first message.

Jamie Waller was spared jail at Portsmouth Crown Court. Picture: Dirty Online Predators Exposed

Prosecutor Martyn Booth said: ‘Right from the very outset he was aware she was pertaining to be 13, as right from the outset he was suggesting sexual things should be happening.

‘He asked her to provide sexual images. She made the excuse the camera wasn’t working.’

Mr Booth added: ‘He was to ask her on a number of occasions if she was an undercover cop.’

The 24-year-old repeatedly tried to get explicit images from the fake profile but said: ‘I hope you’re not an undercover cop.’

Picture posed by model Picture: Shutterstock

The decoy, from Dirty Online Predators Exposed, replied: ‘I’m too young to be a cop.’

Over two days he asked her to perform a sex act on herself, saying it would ‘feel good’ and ‘it wouldn’t hurt.’

Detailing their messages, the prosecutor said: ‘He very quickly goes on to say “let me know if you want me to do anything for you, I will let you have it for free”.’

When asked what that meant, he said: ‘We’ll do WhatsApp sexual things.’

The court heard Waller, who is no longer working in care at the Gosport home he was employed in, was isolated and he asked for rehabilitation in the community.

Recorder Alistair Malcolm QC handed Waller a nine-month jail term suspended for 18 months with 20 rehabilitation days and a sex offenders’ programme.

The judge said: ‘You have committed a very serious offence.’

Waller, who has no previous, will be on the sex offenders’ order until further order, and a sexual harm prevention order restricts his contact with children for 10 years.

The defendant had faced other charges. Mr Booth said: ‘There’s a very real prospect, in due course, of these being reinstated.’