Southsea Common sees litter-bugs leave piles of rubbish within walking distance of empty bins

THE bank holiday weekend has brought out a few ‘dinlos’ who have left rubbish strewn across Southsea Common – with councillors calling on litter-bugs not to ‘spoil’ summer for everyone else.

Monday, 31st May 2021, 11:58 am

The common was left largely unspoiled during the bank holiday weekend, but large piles of rubbish had been left strewn across a few popular parts of the open space this morning.

Beer cans, paper plates, and disposable barbecues lying on scorched earth were littered across parts of the site – in some areas less than 50 metres from empty bins.

Parts of the Common and the beach have been left ‘quite mucky’, according to street-sweeper Alan Walker

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Rubbish left on Southsea Common on the morning of May 31, 2021. Picture: Richard Lemmer

Alan, who is contracted to keep the seafront clean through maintenance firm Colas, said: ‘It’s been really mucky on the common in certain parts, and on the beach it has been quite mucky.

‘They talk about stopping selling barbecues in shops. They could make money if they tell people they have to buy a two litre bottle of water and they can use that to put out the fire.

‘But the thing that most annoys us is when people bring their dogs down and leave bags of dog mess on the ground.’

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Colas employees Bill Willis, left, and Alan Walker have been out tidying up the seafront - and say parts of the Common and the beach have been left in a 'grubby' state. Picture: Richard Lemmer

And responsible dog owners also have to be wary of the dangers posed by ‘dinlo’ litter-bugs, according to Southsea resident Rupert Rhodes.

Rupert, who has lived in the area for nine years and was out taking his whippet Donna-P for a walk, said: ‘I know a couple of people who don’t walk their dogs around here all summer because they are worried what they may pick up and chew. Chicken bones can be a real problem – they can splinter in their throats.’

He added: ‘Last year it was horrendous. Everyone was sitting on the common and leaving rubbish.

‘The addition of a few extra bins has made a big difference.

While most of Southsea Common was left in a good condition, piles of rubbish were left strewn across a few popular parts of the open space. Picture: Richard Lemmer

‘It seems a lot of people can’t be bothered to walk to an empty bin.

‘Dinlos are still out there.’

Last year the council installed 36 additional bins across Southsea Common after it was left ‘covered’ by rubbish at the height of the summer.

Beer cans, masks, and paper plates were among the litter left behind by irresponsible visitors to Southsea Common yesterday. Picture: Richard Lemmer

Portsmouth City Council leader Gerald Vernon-Jackson said he was pleased that most of the common was litter-free, and he implored people to act responsibly and not ‘spoil’ the scenic spot for other residents.

The Liberal Democrat politician said: ‘People know they shouldn't litter. On the whole, everyone treats the common really, really well.

‘It’s been a really lovely weekend – don’t spoil it for rest of us.’

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One street-sweeper suggested a ban on disposable BBQS - unless sold with a bottle of water to encourage people to properly extinguish them. Picture: Richard Lemmer