A display from youngster to offer Pompey optimism

Pompey youngster Alex Bass made his league debut against Peterborough on SaturdayPompey youngster Alex Bass made his league debut against Peterborough on Saturday
Pompey youngster Alex Bass made his league debut against Peterborough on Saturday
It was nice to sign off with a win full of positives.

But there was no greater plus point for me than Alex Bass picking up a clean sheet on his Football League debut.

Some would think it’s not before time he got a game, with Bassy having to be extremely patient and sitting on the bench all season.

I thought what he had to do he did very well.

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I’m sure he would have been feeling nervous before the game.

You are trying to get that lactic acid out of your legs, and there was signs of that when he overhit his first kick.

I can remember those nerves going all the way through my body as I made my bow at Rotherham all those years ago.

There was an early shot which Bassy slightly spilled, but then tidied it up very competently.

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But he showed real quality to deny Idris Kanu 10 minutes later.

The interception at his feet was very impressive, and it was one he had to get right because an inch either way and it would have been a penalty and possible red card.

After that, he did what he had to and wasn’t overly extended.

But the fact that the rest of his kicking was very impressive showed mental strength in a situation where it’s a test to keep your concentration.

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It’s probably been frustrating for him, and it would be nice to see him possibly go out on loan now next season.

Meanwhile, I’m not quite sure how the BBC and Sky both ended up awarding the second goal to Jamal Lowe.

I don’t know how they’ve ended up missing Brett Pitman’s touch at the back post when giving it to Lowe.

They must have a lot of coffee and cakes to distract them, but the decision should have been corrected after the initial mistake.

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It was a final day which gives us all some optimism going off this summer now.

I can’t sign off without saluting those Pompey fans who’ve once again been excellent all season.

Wherever they’ve been the length and breadth of the country, they’ve happily backed their team 100 per cent – even if there’s been things they’ve not been happy about.

Now after a season of transition we need to be aiming to make the play-offs as a minimum next term.