A few Conservatives will choose either careful Hunt or flip-flopping Boris for PM: Zella Compton

Britain's Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt. Could he be the next PM?Britain's Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt. Could he be the next PM?
Britain's Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt. Could he be the next PM?
Spare a thought for the poor members of the Conservative Party who have the hugely unenviable task of landing us with the next leader of our nation.

What a weight of responsibility must be on their shoulders as they know they will directly have to carry the burden of the decision as their candidates parade around the country inventing policy on the hoof. The limited choice which makes it worse.

A man who has been fired twice for lying and who is so desperate to be leader he is still flip-flopping between policies while artfully arranging his hair to make himself seem a lovable fool is apparently still the front runner.

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I can’t believe the good Tory members would choose such a man as our leader, would inflict us with someone who refused to attend a candidates’ television debate.

It feels to me as if he thinks he is above the rest of us, doesn’t respect us, and is aiming to create a version of himself that fits with his lifelong agenda rather than put the country before all else. Oh, and give the really wealthy tax breaks.

What does the other choice represent? A handful of Conservative voters could choose to put a tick next to a man who, with a slip of the tongue, will make everyone blush. He seemed the more careful option, the thinking Conservative’s vote, until he pseudo-declared support to revisit fox hunting. It smacks of desperation.

As those poor Conservatives make their mark, they’re deciding between two candidates who pander to the shrieking of the worse of the outlying leavers demanding a no-deal exit in a (according to numerous spring polls) remain country.

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It can only come down to the best person for the job. The one who is the most honest, the most switched on, the most savvy and reasonable. We’re stuck in a dire situation which no one in the country wanted, whatever their political persuasion or EU beliefs.

This election is yet another knife to divide the country even further, but this time it’s only being wielded by Conservative party members.

And as we all know, playing with knives is a truly dangerous pastime.

Are we finally about to see the redress women deserve?

Last week seven women were finally awarded their posthumous degrees, 150 years after they started their studies.

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The women attended Edinburgh University to study medicine but were not allowed to graduate with their male peers. It’s taken all this time for the university to rectify the problem. The redress of the past is great, and I hope more organisations do this.

Perhaps the FA will now do something for the women it banned from playing the game after the First World War, even though they were filling stadiums? I haven’t read much about that as the pundits deliver their delight about the current happenings with the England team’s brilliant successes.

Short shorts and the threat of Russia on the horizon

Luckily for me it rained on Sunday which made the perfect opportunity to catch up with Netflix’s latest series of Stranger Things.

It was pretty much on a par with previous series and full of lovely little references to my childhood but the imminent threat of the Russians doing their thing rang more than a few bells.

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However, one of the principal villains doing a bad imitation of Arnie Schwarzenegger, both vocally and physically was a disappointment.

Perhaps it was supposed to be a homage, but it was a little short of the mark, just like the shorts the boys wore. Nevertheless, what a lovely way to while away the summer rain.