CHERYL GIBBS: Hair today, gone tomorrow '“ and it was no laughing matter

I'm not kidding but I've not had my hair cut since April 2016. In fact, when I think about it, it's actually quite disgusting.

Thursday, 25th January 2018, 8:01 pm
Ant and Dec, winners for the 17th year running

The last time I went to the hairdressers was in Wickham when I lived with my auntie Sandy at Swanmore, before we bought our bungalow at Clanfield.

My hair was quite literally down to my bum and while I used to get a lot of compliments about it, I really couldn’t do anything with it.

So I decided – on a whim – to get it cut off, and I mean all off.

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I went from having the longest hair of anyone I know to the shortest and I admit to having a mini meltdown over it. This is not a laughing matter.

I booked to get the chop at Hair Ott in Waterlooville and decided to have a colour as well. Why not I thought? It’s been two years – may as well go the whole hog.

You see, this is what I do – I’m an all-or-nothing type of person and it would seem this affects almost all aspects of my life.

Most people might go for a few inches off, or some subtle tones. I go to the hairdressers and ask them to cut it all into a long bob and dye it red.

Even the stylist questioned my motivation for such a drastic change, but I insisted. ‘Cut it off, I need a new style,’ I said.

However, what I wasn’t prepared for was the mini meltdown I’d have after, not in the hairdressers of course. I tried to retain as much composure as possible while sitting there, but I did have them when I got home and in the following days when I looked in the mirror unable to recognise myself.

Don’t get me wrong I actually love the cut – now – but it took the best part of a week to come to terms with the fact I no longer have long luscious locks.

The hairdresser decided to cut my hair off in the first instance by plaiting it first which I agreed too because it means they hopefully can donate the hair to Cancer Research or Alopecia UK.

But when I saw the plaits in front of me I went all sweaty and dizzy, feeling like I was going to throw up and had to ask them to remove them from my vision. I think I had a mini panic attack – and all over some hair!

However, a week on and I love my new look, even if my niece and nephew don’t, proclaiming ‘we love the old Chezzy’. Fabulous...


Congratulations to Kim and Kayne West who this week welcomed a baby girl.

The power couple already have a girl – North – and son Rain and welcomed their new addition which they had via a surrogate because Kim suffered enormously through both her pregnancies and was apparently advised not to carry another child.

Naturally this couple don’t go for straightforward names and their newest baby girl was no exception.

They’ve called her Chicago West which I actually quite like – don’t judge me!

Chicago, Shy for short, weighed 7lb 6oz and apparently Kim is being praised for her hands-on approach to bonding with her new baby and is often complimented for always being with her children. Congratulations both.


And another power couple made headlines this week.

TV’s favourite telly duo Ant and Dec won their 17th-in-a-row award for Best Presenters at this week’s National Television Awards in London.

Ant who has had quite a tough 12 months battling drug addiction and his split from his wife Lisa Armstrong, got rather emotional on stage accepting their awards, which totalled three on the night – not bad for presenters who have been going for decades.

Admitting on stage that he was emotional because of the year he’d had, it was nice to see the power couple back on track and I look forward to what this year will bring them both.