CLIVE SMITH: Sex while breastfeeding? Now that's weird

There's nothing that divides opinion quite like breastfeeding.

Monday, 17th July 2017, 9:00 pm

A lot of people have strong opinions one way or the other and they become quite vociferous if your view differs from theirs.

If you consider humans as animals, in our case mammals, then you’d imagine breastfeeding is probably best as it’s what nature intended.

But at the end of the day how someone chooses to feed their baby is not really anyone else’s business.

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Whatever works best for your family and as long as the baby is being fed, that’s all that’s important really.

But every now again a story will appear in the media that fires the whole debate again.

Often it’s not even about whether ‘breast is best’.

Instead it’s some ludicrous parenting that just happens to involve breast feeding.

Take YouTuber Tasha Maile for example.

She vlogged that she has sex with her partner at the same time as she breastfeeds her baby!

It’s the sort of thing you’d expect to see in a dark comedy like The League of Gentlemen. But, no, this is real life.

It’s just completely inappropriate and frankly quite odd.

I’m sure getting your leg over can wait a few minutes until the baby is fed.

It’s not as if there’s going to be an explosion in the ovaries or testicles departments if sex doesn’t happen immediately.

You wouldn’t do it at the dinner table while the family are waiting for the chicken nuggets to be served – dad pulling down his strides and mum flinging her bra into the mashed potato.

Christmas dinner would be a wow too with dad dressing up as Santa and mum putting on her Rudolph nose. Now that would be a real treat for everyone.

I really don’t think poor old Ms Maile can be the full ticket.

At what age does the child have to be before she draws the line?

It could be quite disturbing if you think about it.

And what’s more it’s got social services written all over it.


World leaders gathered again for the annual G20 summit, this year held in Germany.

And as in years past it was met with ‘peaceful’ protests. So peaceful that during those demonstrations cars were set on fire, shops destroyed and police officers injured.

There’s an air of predictability about how protests at these events end up being played out.

It must be a great feeling to be on the streets with your fellow anarchists overthrowing capitalism while at the same time taking pictures with your iPhone 7 and looting the latest consumer goods...

And then after you’ve left parts of Hamburg a burning mess, the zero-hours-contract, minimum-wage workers can clear up after you...

What an irony.


So goat yoga is actually a thing.

The latest fitness trend involves people getting into the various yoga positions and then having goats jump all over them.

Apparently people will travel miles for this.

Quite honestly it sounds like the sort of thing that happens on stag weekends, but with midgets instead of goats.

I’m sure people will do anything if someone tells them that there’s an holistic benefit to it.

Rather like those fitness clubs that now provide classes where people can go for a nap.

Imagine paying for a class where you sleep in the same room as a load of snoring strangers who are breaking wind. I have enough of that with the missus.