Fly-tipping is a real blot on the landscape and people must learn they will be caught and fined | The News

It certainly seems like time immemorial we’ve printed stories and published photographs concerning the never-ending blight of fly-tipping.

Monday, 24th June 2019, 7:00 am
Updated Monday, 24th June 2019, 11:02 am
Picture: Portsmouth City Council

Still it carries on with no thought for the environment or the people who have to clear it up.

Two more people have been nabbed and fined in excess of £1,000 each.

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Fly-tippers who dumped rubbish in Southsea fined more than £1,300 each

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One man was caught after dumping several black plastic bags of household rubbish in a council car park off Fort Cumberland Road in Eastney.

Another dumped five black bags of household rubbish on the pavement on Albert Road, Southsea, where he lives.

An officer spotted the bags next to a litter bin, and evidence in the rubbish led to him being brought to justice.

The men in question didn’t try to hide their identity as ‘the evidence’ found in the bags must have contained a name and address of the perpetrator.

As Cllr Dave Ashmore, Portsmouth City Council’s cabinet member for environment and climate change, says: ‘There’s simply no excuse for dumping your rubbish in the street or a public place. Putting it by a litter bin doesn’t make sense. We provide a proper waste and recycling collection service and if people have extra rubbish they can take it to the Port Solent recycling centre.’

Wise words – but it’s often noticeable that some recycling bins are far too small to take an average family’s recyclable waste, especially in this day and age when more products are able to be recycled.

Perhaps the council could, in the future, up the green bin collection rate to once a week rather than once a fortnight?

Also, the Port Solent recycling centre is out of reach for the many people who don’t drive.

It’s an ongoing problem but to just dump it regardless of the surroundings is definitely criminal and it’s good to see culprits made to pay.