Business booming for Solent Ear Wax Clinic in Southsea as people lap up its easy access, affordable and quick ear wax removal solution

A PRIVATE ear wax clinic has opened to offer a quick and accessible solution to blocked up ears.

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Sunday, 7th November 2021, 8:56 am

Michael Sadler, 30, from Lee-on-the-Solent, is a qualified healthcare professional and opened the Solent Ear Wax clinic in 41 Osborne Road, Southsea, last September.

With the lack of options locally, Michael wanted to offer an easy access solution.

He said: ‘I just like helping people. It’s incredibly hard to get any form of ear wax removal via your GP so we just wanted to offer a quick and alternative service.’

Owner of Solent Ear Wax Clinic, Michael Sadler. Picture: Chris Moorhouse.

Michael said the treatment can be useful for people who have wax checks before hearing tests, or anyone who thinks their hearing is affected by a buildup of wax.

He said the process should be relatively painless, can be offered to anyone above the age of eight and that many patients notice improvements immediately after one session.

Michael said: ‘The best thing about microsuction is that there’s a before and after. If you have a loss of hearing due to ear wax for example and we then do microsuction, as long as you don’t have a loss of hearing for other reasons it’s an instant fix.’

Michael Sadler with his patient, Tricia, during the treatment. Picture: Chris Moorhouse.

The procedure itself involves using a binocular microscope to examine the ear canal, then microsuction is used to remove the wax. Michael said microsuction is the safest way to remove wax, and is different from syringing which involves irrigation of the ear.

Although the clinic is private, Michael still wants the treatment to be affordable and accessible for people.

He said: ‘We’re one of the cheaper if not the cheapest in Portsmouth, we wanted to make it quick, accessible and affordable. Patients can wait several months to have any referral if at all on the NHS, so there is a fee but it’s not that extortionate, and it’s quick.’

‘Ear wax is perfectly natural, we all have it and some people produce more than others. As we get older the natural clearance slows down so we’re more likely to have problems with our ears.’

Owner of Solent Ear Wax Clinic, Michael Sadler. Picture: Chris Moorhouse.

‘We’ll just take a look to start with and I’ll talk you through the process, and let you hear the machine before it’s used.’

To find out more and to make an appointment, visit or on Facebook.

Story by Sophie Murray

Michael wants to make sure all his clients feel comfortable during the treatment. Picture: Chris Moorhouse.