Portsmouth woman calls for ban on selling fireworks to the public to protect animals and the elderly ahead of New Year's Eve 2021

DEBATES have raged over the years over whether to ban fireworks – and one Portsmouth woman wants sales to the public to be stopped.

With New Year’s festivities planned across the city tonight we’re sure to see fireworks light up the sky again.

But for many pet owners, the loud bangs and whizzes are a dangerous prospect for their animals.

Marena Adams, who owns a Romanian rescue dog named Micha, called for the sale of fireworks to the public to be banned on social media.

Marena's rescue dog Micha takes medication for seizures, and gets petrified when she hears loud bangs from fireworks.

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She said she doesn’t mind organised displays, but wants more protection for terrified pets and the elderly.

She said: ‘It’s the people who buy some just to make a nuisance of themselves.

‘If it was always organised displays, like in Cosham, I wouldn’t mind as much.

Marena has had to give Micha and other pets recommended medication in the past to sedate them while firework displays are going on.

‘It’s the people who buy them willy nilly, often youngsters, and set them off at 10pm or put them in bins that frustrate me.

‘I’ve had quite a few animals who have been absolutely petrified by them.’

Ms Adams, who lives near St Georges church in Portsea, said she’s had to buy recommended medication to sedate Micha – making sure to protect her from the loud noises.

The rescue dog receives treatment for seizures, and gets edgy and scared whenever fireworks are let off.

Ms Adams said she doesn’t mind planned fireworks displayed, as she can plan and make sure Micha doesn’t get caught up in the noise.

She added the situation has improved, as the loud noises would go on for weeks in the past, but more care needs to be taken.

The pet owner said: ‘I don’t want to stop any child having fun with their family, providing they take the elderly and others peoples animals into consideration.’

Steve Clarke posted on Facebook: ‘Yes, ban them from the irresponsible public and only use them at shows.’

Rob Rogers agreed by writing: ‘Yes, mainly because the brain dead idiots that get hold of these fireworks can't just call it quits with just a few fireworks.

‘They've got to re-enact the battle of Waterloo into the early hours of the morning.’

Others, including Jamie Andrews, disagreed with a ban.

He posted: ‘is it not more irresponsible to expect everyone to change their traditions etc just because of your personal choice to get a dog?’

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