Creative small business owners get crafty as Mountbatten Centre in Hilsea hosts first craft fair

THE Mountbatten Centre hosted its first craft fair as makers from across the area showcased their creative work.

Monday, 13th June 2022, 4:55 am
Updated Wednesday, 15th June 2022, 4:27 pm

Stalls offered shoppers everything handmade from wire jewellery and dog biscuits to embroidered hats and home-baked fudge.

The ‘Crafty Craft Fair’ event was hosted by Funyard Events, which is run by husband and wife team Stuart and Agata Adcock.

They have been running fairs, including a vegan market and Christmas stalls, for almost five years.

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Event organiser Stuart Adcock from Funyard Events. Picture: Mike Cooter (120622)

Stuart said he is ‘pleased’ with Sunday’s event: ‘This is the first time we have run the craft fair from the Mountbatten Centre, and it is the Mountbatten Centre’s first craft fair .

‘We have tried to support local businesses throughout Covid and now.’

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Tens of independent small businesses from across Hampshire displayed their products, which included vegan goodies and vintage treasures as well as prints, textiles, ceramics, wall hangings, woodwork, and floral arrangements.

Flat bottle blocks - melted in a kiln at 850 centigrade - from CS Glass. Picture: Mike Cooter (120622)

Among the stalls were Aldershott couple Sarah Haga and Matt Anthony, who were selling themed candles inspired by the weather, famous mountains, and literature.

Their small business Austromancy, named after the practice of using the winds to predict the future, was launched in March 2021.

Matt said: ‘With the help of fantastic events like these we can talk to people about our candles.’

Sarah added: ‘I love these events. For the first couple of months, I wasn’t able to do as many.

A small selection from the more than 800 varieties from Bath Bomb Heaven. Picture: Mike Cooter (120622)

‘I’m so happy to be able to do this again.

‘My big thing is the look of it all - I want it to be colourful but still look nice.

‘It’s great to come back and talk to people, seeing the candles being sold.’

Fellow crafter Yas Lines makes and sells hair scrunchies through her Etsy business Dandylines, which she launched in 2021.

Customised glasses by Rhiannon Davey from Glitztastic. Picture: Mike Cooter (120622)

The Portsmouth resident said: ‘This is my first fair. I was a bit nervous but now I’m here I feel a bit better.’

Eastleigh small business owner Mel Peel had a stall displaying her earrings and clips, which she sells under the name Crafty Bunny Designs.

Inspired by her two pet rabbits, the business was launched in March and operates on Etsy.

Mel said: ‘It started as art therapy.

‘My favourite are the faux turquoise earrings. I’m quite happy with those ones.’

Art-Deco inspired earrings by Crafty Bunny Designs. Picture: Mike Cooter (120622)

Hannah Goff sells handmade candles created with soy wax and natural scents under her business Candle Co.

Another small business which launched during the pandemic, Candle Co was born in the second lockdown.

She said: ‘I have been doing it for about a year.

‘I mix the wax and then pour it out into the moulds.

‘Being able to come to these sorts of events is important.

‘It’s a nice place to meet other people like you and discuss different markets.’

Petersfield crocheter Rachel Matthew was there selling keyrings, bags, plant holders, and bowls.

She said: ‘I have been crocheting since I can remember.

‘I was taught by an elderly lady many years ago.’

To find out more about upcoming events, visit Funyard Events at