'Cruel' Portsmouth boyfriend who treated partner as his 'personal object' and dished out punishment beatings is jailed

A MAN who inflicted a campaign of cruelty on his partner has been dumped behind bars for three years.

By Steve Deeks
Thursday, 14th November 2019, 9:52 am
Florin Iorga

Pic: Hants police
Florin Iorga Pic: Hants police

Florin Iorga, 51, was sentenced for a relationship in which he ‘controlled her every movement’ and made her his ‘personal object’.

Iorga dished out regular punishing beatings on his victim that left her unable to work she was in so much pain, Portsmouth Crown Court heard.

The defendant also ruthlessly exploited the female by taking her bank card and withdrawing money to spend on himself.

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The petrified woman became a hostage at Iorga’s New Road East flat in Copnor, unable to see friends and only daring to step foot outside when she went to work.

‘You assaulted her frequently and threatened to harm and kill her,’ judge David Melville QC said.

‘You controlled her every movement and made it difficult for her to leave where you were living.

‘You took and used her bank card and withdrew money for yourself. Once arrested and bailed you repeatedly phoned her and tried to persuade her to drop the allegations.’

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The court heard Iorga’s campaign took place between January and September 2018 with matters coming to a head in July.

‘She couldn’t work much by then because of all the bruises she had – the assaults must have been very painful,’ the judge said.

‘There were injuries to her arms, legs and face, as well as a serious cut to her back. You bullied her and made her life a misery.’

Iorga compounded his suffering on the victim by denying his guilt, resulting in a trial where he was found guilty of controlling coercive behaviour in a relationship and an assault charge after he threw an ashtray at a resident that ‘skimmed their head’.

Judge Melville said: ‘You only had to see her in the witness box to see the affect on her. She was afraid of the violence she suffered on many occasions.

‘She was vulnerable and you knew that and made her your personal object.’

The court was told how the victim had ‘blacked out’ on one occasion after Iorga had ‘raised his hand’ on her and ‘squeezed her face’ in another nasty attack.

Defending, John Dyer, said: ‘Mr Iorga still does not accept the verdict despite being found guilty by a jury.’

The lawyer added Iorga was a ‘hard worker’ who came to the UK in 2013 from Romania for ‘a better life’.

Judge Melville sentenced bespectacled Iorga to jail immediately due to the ‘serious’ nature of the crimes and handed him a five-year restraining order not to contact the victim.