Dog owners share videos of terrified pets after unannounced fireworks spook them

DOG lovers have shared videos of their terrified pets as a reminder of how scary fireworks can be for animals and humans.

Wednesday, 21st October 2020, 3:47 pm
Updated Wednesday, 21st October 2020, 5:13 pm

Pooches in Farlington were left trembling at the weekend after loud bangs spooked them, prompting owners to issue a reminder to neighbours to be considerate during the winter months.

Two of Karen Wood’s three dogs are severely affected by the noise of fireworks, and Karen captured on camera the shaking it caused in Bones, her 11-year-old Parson Russell.

Karen, whose other pet Blue cannot control his bladder due to the fear, said: ‘This time of year is just horrible because it starts in October and goes through to January really. If it was just November 5, New Year’s Eve and Christmas Eve you can prepare but not when they’re on such random days.

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Pet owners have shared videos of their dogs shaking after being spooked by fireworks. Pictured: Farlington resident Karen Wood's dog Bones hiding away from the loud noises

‘You just hear that bang and that’s your evening ruined because you have got to care for them.’

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Nearby Farlington resident Cath Dale, who cares for her firefighter neighbour’s Jack Russell Buddy, was also affected by the weekend’s explosions.

Buddy wouldn’t go outside to the toilet or eat due to the fear, and she was also captured in a video trembling in the bathroom.

Pet owners have shared videos of their dogs shaking after being spooked by fireworks. Pictured: Buddy, who is cared for by Cath Dale, is very scared of fireworks

Cath said: ‘I love fireworks, but not what it does to my little Buddy. None of the calming stuff works so I just put a blanket round her and put on dog calming sounds and music.

‘It’s just heartbreaking to see, you can’t comfort her or anything apart from cuddle this shaking, traumatised dog.

‘Families or groups should use common courtesy and let people know in advance, it’s just about the animals and those who suffer.’

Pet owners have shared videos of their dogs shaking after being spooked by fireworks. Pictured: Cath Dale with the dog she cares for, Buddy, who is very scared of loud bangs

Dog owners like Karen and Cath are calling for more awareness of the effects the sounds can have on pets or people with PTSD.

Calming medication or other remedies can relax dogs on the night of fireworks displays, so pet owners can prepare in advance if they know a nearby event will be happening.

Karen said: ‘Unless you have got a pet or a person suffering from it you don’t see it, and I was probably like that before I had dogs.

‘I’m not at all for saying we have got to ban them completely, I just think they should be restricted to specific days or organised displays.’

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