Jack Russell dog finally rescued after four days search featuring sausage-dangling drones, police and kayaks in Havant and Farlington

A BELOVED pet dog has finally been reunited with its family after a massive search involving police, kayaks and even a pair sausage-dangling drones.

Friday, 21st January 2022, 10:10 am

Three-year-old Jack Russell Millie had been missing for four days and was seen running around dangerous locations in Havant and Farlington.

Hampshire police, volunteers from Denmead Drone Search and Rescue (DDSAR), Solent Coastguard and the general public all aided the search.

Millie was back with her family after spotting the owner’s father alongside his border collie, Jasper.

Three-year-old Jack Russell Millie had been missing for four days and was seen running around dangerous locations in Havant and Farlington. Pictured: Drones dangling sausages were used to try and lure Millie out, with an inset picture of Millie finally being rescued

Emma Oakes, Millie’s owner, said it was over-the-moon to finally have her pet pooch home after many nights in the cold.

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Emma said: ‘It’s brilliant and such a huge relief that she finally came home.

‘Millie is so traumatised, bless her.

Millie the dog

‘She’s very skittish and scared of everyone who gets up close to her.’

The Jack Russell was reported missing last Thursday and an intense search followed.

Reported sightings came flooding in over the next two days, with Millie being spotted on the A27 near Havant and on the mud flats at Farlington Marshes.

On Saturday, crews from DDSAR and Solent Coastguard were deployed with drones and on kayaks to try and save Millie.

Search teams attached sausages to drones to try and entice missing Millie the dog out of her hiding space.

Sausages were then attached to the drones to try and lure her to safety, but it was unsuccessful.

Elliot Exton, a volunteer at DDSAR, said: ‘At high tide, we had two teams in a kayak try and go out to see where she was after the sighting.

‘We came up with the idea to hang sausages on the drone to lure her towards the team, as it was high tide and we didn’t want to risk her drowning.

‘This didn’t work because Millie wouldn’t cross the mud and would only stay on the grassy bits.

At one point, when Millie was stuck on Farlington Marshes, the crew stuck sausages to their drones to try and lure her to safety.

The task of bringing the Jack Russell home was laborious, with volunteers staying out into the early hours of the morning.

Emma said juggling her job as a care manager and searching for her beloved pet was ‘really tough’ and spent many nights worrying about her.

Numerous sightings were reported over the next few days, until she was finally spotted again on Monday morning in Jackson Close, Havant.

Emma’s father, Tony Oakes, then rushed to the scene with Jasper, his border collie.

Mr Exton said once the dog recognised them both, she ran towards them and jumped into Tony’s arms.

When Emma found out the news, she couldn’t believe it.

Millie was found in numerous locations, including the mudflats on Farlington Marshes.

She told The News:Relief just poured over me.

‘I’d been searching for Millie and working at the same time, I just became exhausted all of a sudden.

‘It was just absolutely fantastic to have her home.

‘When my dad rung me, I could just breath again and not have to worry everyday.’

Emma thanked all the emergency services and volunteers for their help, especially the ‘fantastic’ drone team for their constant updates and support.

Mr Exton said it was a tough search but it was worth it.

He said: ‘We’d like to thank everyone who reported the sightings to us.

‘We’re all volunteers, we don’t ask for any money, we just always want what is best for the dog.’

A message from the Editor, Mark Waldron

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Crews from Solent Coastguard and volunteers from the DDSAR worked around the clock to rescue Millie.