Families flock to see Coca-Cola truck in Whiteley Shopping Centre

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WITH December upon us and Christmas just around the corner, scores of families took a trip to see the Coca-Cola truck to start off the festive season.

The famous truck pulled into Whiteley Shopping Centre this weekend and handed out thousands of Coca-Cola cans for fans of Diet Coke, Zero Sugar and Original. 

For Gemma Laird-McCaul from Waterlooville it is the chance to introduce her children to a family tradition.

She said: ‘I remember the Coca-Cola truck and advert from when I was a child and it really means the start of Christmas for us. We love the advert every year and this time when we found out the truck was coming near us we were excited to bring the children along.’

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Families queued for a chance to get photos in front of the truck and in the archway of lights made of recycled coke cans.

Event manager James Woollcott said: ‘The truck is iconic and it is always really busy. Usually Fridays are a little quieter before the kids kick out of school but Saturdays are always big queues.

‘It is also a chance for people to enjoy our new Zero Sugar which tastes like Original but with no sugar so we hope people will enjoy that as well.’

For every can returned to truck tour staff means 10p going towards homeless charity Crisis and Coca-Cola are hoping to raise £30,000 within their four week tour around the UK.

James added: ‘It is really important to Coca-Cola to recycle and raise cash for charity as well and Crisis is a great organisation. We also have a saying that from the last sip from a can that it will be back on the shelves in six weeks so we have our can crushers with us and recycle every can people give back to us.’ 

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Carol Evans and her family from Ringwood always set aside the time to travel to the nearest stop on the Coca-Cola truck tour.

She said: ‘It really does start Christmas and tomorrow is December so it is perfect. The kids were excited to come along and are excited for Christmas and asked me this morning about their advent calendars.

‘We always try and get to the truck wherever it is in the south because it is so nice to get out with the family.’