Keen wrestler and school teacher to hold Hex Pro wrestling show to raise cash for Denmead Junior School

A DETERMINED school teacher is to host a wrestling show weekender in a bid to raise cash for new computer equipment.

Carl Restall, who is also a computer curriculum lead, is gearing up for a Hex Pro Wrestling show at Denmead Junior School to combine his ‘outside passion’ while doing his bit to support the school’s IT department this summer.

After raising £300 following the first show last term, Mr Restall wants to double the funding sum by bringing avid wrestling friends together for a series of matches, with the main event seeing pro wrestler Jake McCluskey battle it out with Samuel Jacobs from the pro wrestling tag team The British Bruisers.

A keen wrestler since he was about 15, Carl, from Cowplain is hopeful that funds raised can replace ‘aging’ computer equipment and laptop trollies.

Teacher Carl Restall is organising a wrestling show at Denmead Junior School to raise cash to upgrade equipment. T.H.I.S Photography.

The 36-year-old said: ‘If I can raise a few pennies to put into a pot that we could dip into whenever we need to repair a laptop or replace an iPad or whatever it is, that would be amazing. I've always been involved in wrestling and I have run my own shows in the past.

‘I wondered if I could get shows out of the school that I'm currently working at and I put it to the head and I put together a proper pitch.

‘My goal now is to try and double the cash from that first show as I had to spend a bit to do the initial set up of paying for public liability and all the rest of it.’

Carl Restall. Picture by James_Musselwhite

Other main competitors fighting at the show include Rishi Ghosh, who runs a wrestling school in Bedhampton, while Carl will compete against a tag team called The Beards who will face pro wrestlers Dan Magee and Shaun Jackson.

Carl adds: ‘I must give the school and the head full credit for being so supportive of bringing my outside passion into my other passion which is teaching. To merge the two in any way is very unique.’

He hopes that following this event, the school will be able to make it a termly fixture to continue generating cash for Denmead Junior School.

The shows will be held on Friday, July 22 and Saturday, July 23 at 6.45pm.

Tickets cost £8 for all ages. See