Nail Boutique: Hilsea salon focuses on caring for nails and beautiful nail art

A NAIL salon in Hilsea offers ‘all things nails’ – but prioritises taking care of clients’ nails underneath the polish.

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Monday, 1st November 2021, 5:29 pm

The Nail Boutique is owned by Laura Davenport, 37, who operates it with her team of five from her home in 13 York Terrace, Hilsea.

With 20 years’ experience in the nail industry after starting her business from her mum’s kitchen table, Laura still has a passion for ‘all things nails’ which she says is a reason why her business has been so successful.

She said: ‘We’re all so passionate about our jobs so we’re constantly seeking out ways to level up our nail game, and that takes time. It’s not always the easiest way to make money but we do it because we love it.’

The Nail Boutique offers acrylic nails, shellac and gel for both manicures and pedicures. Laura also takes pride in caring for her clients’ nails, something which she thinks a lot of nail technicians don’t prioritise.

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She said: ‘We have a lot of clients that come to us with quite damaged nails and they’ve thought for years that getting your nails done ruins your nails, but that’s just not the case and we’re really not about that.’

‘I think that really sets us apart, we don’t just slap on things that look good at the time, we really care for the nail underneath and then the client feels really special.’

Laura Davenport, owner of The Nail Boutique in Hilsea. Picture: Mike Cooter.

Laura’s husband Chris, 37, helps with the operational aspects of the business and is pleased with how well-established it has become.

He said: ‘We really feel part of the community, we’ve got a huge footfall and lots of happy customers, we’ve got almost 200 reviews on Google which I think really makes us stand out.'

‘We’re still growing, we’re not done yet, and although it’s been tough during the pandemic we’ve come out of it stronger than ever, so the future is looking bright.’

Laura also offers training workshops alongside her work at The Nail Boutique as she has her AET qualification, and eventually hopes to open her own training academy.

Inside the studio at The Nail Boutique. Picture: Mike Cooter.

To find out more, visit, or find The Nail Boutique on Facebook and Instagram.

Story by Sophie Murray

Laura and Chris with the team. Picture: Mike Cooter.
The Nail Boutique offers 'all things nails'. Picture: Mike Cooter.