'Shocked' residents react after boy is hit by taxi in Buckland

A TAXI-driver who accidentally ran over a young boy in Portsmouth – leaving him with a horrific leg injury – has revealed his relief after the child survived the crash.

Tuesday, 20th August 2019, 7:00 am
Updated Tuesday, 20th August 2019, 5:07 pm

Driver Mirza Beig, 48, was just around the corner from his home on Sultan Road, Buckland, when tragedy nearly struck on a notorious stretch as his Hyundai Blue Drive collided with a six-year-old outside the boy’s house on Sunday just before 6.30pm.

The boy, who had been riding his scooter, was left in agony crumpled on the ground after being dragged along the road following contact with the side of the car just before a bend in the road.

But help was quickly at hand for the Ark Dickens Primary School pupil with nurse Cara Oberholster, 30, racing to the scene outside her front door to care for the boy along with his mum.

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Scene of the crash: Sultan Road

The incident left him being taken to Southampton General Hospital where he has undergone an operation on his leg.

An ambulance crew and the Hampshire and Isle of Wight Air Ambulance, which landed in Buckland Park, treated the boy at the scene before he was taken to hospital.

A relative of his told The News: ‘He said he fell off his scooter onto the road when the car came down the road and dragged him along. He’s had an operation on his leg but could need another one. It’s very worrying.’

Damage to the side of the Hyundai Blue Drive following the collision

Mirza, who has been a taxi driver since 2003, said: ‘The boy was on a scooter and suddenly came onto the road between parked cars and hit the right side of my car. I was travelling slowly at 10-15 mph.

‘I went to assist him and knocked at his mum’s house and told her he had been knocked down. A neighbour then came to help. I was really shocked by it all.

‘I’ve told kids not to play on the road and to be careful, especially by the bend and where there are parked cars because you can’t see them as they are so small.

Corbin Oberholster, husband of nurse Cara, with children Serran and Ethan, who are friends of the injured boy

‘It was just lucky he hit my car on the side and not at the front as it could have been worse. It is a very dangerous part of the road. They should make it double yellow lines so vehicles can’t park there.’

Corbin Oberholster, 30, whose wife Cara leapt to the boy’s rescue, said: ‘They boy was caught by the taxi and dragged along.

‘My wife went to help the boy until the paramedics turned up.

He added: ‘You do get some cars that speed along the road but you also have kids who run out into the road – I’ve nearly hit some myself. We have speed humps further down the road but we need them this end too.’

Pat Chaplin, 52, went over to help after he was walking down the road seconds after the accident had happened.

He said: ‘It was horrible – you don’t want to see that. The boy was in a terrible state and was crying out “mum my leg”. She was with him, trying to keep him calm.

‘Someone else was treating him and had a cover over him while they were waiting for paramedics to turn-up. It must have been very traumatic for everyone, including the driver.’

Police said the youngster’s injuries were serious, but not ‘life-threatening’ or ‘life changing’. No one has been arrested following the crash.