Southsea's Canoe Lake summer water management under way to manage water quality

Annual work to maintain and manage Canoe Lake’s water quality throughout the summer months has begun, with cleaning taking place daily.

By Sophie Lewis
Monday, 20th June 2022, 7:55 pm
Updated Monday, 20th June 2022, 7:55 pm

Canoe Lake, Southsea, is monitored throughout the year to manage the water quality but with the hot weather looming, more work is dedicated to the lake. The hot weather can cause the lake’s water quality to naturally deteriorate.

As well as running tests on the water to determine the causes of any problems, Portsmouth City Council staff also remove any rubbish that has ended up in the lake. The council will also remove any algae from the water to help maintain the quality of the lake.

Canoe Lake is fed from the sea so the council will renew the water daily to ensure that it has as much salt water as possible.

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Councillor Steve Pitt, Portsmouth City Council’s cabinet member for culture, leisure and economic development, said: ‘Every year a huge amount of work goes into keeping our open spaces in top condition and Canoe Lake in particular gets a lot of attention,

Work continues throughout the year but increases as the weather gets nicer because more people are down there and, while we can't predict when things like bacteria and algae will increase, we know the hot weather encourages it,

‘Sometimes natural processes make the water change colour or produce a smell so we can't keep it pristine all the time but at the moment the team are down there every day cleaning, changing water and doing tests so it is in the best condition possible and we're ready to take further action if required.’