Talented cheerleaders from Fareham 'crying with happiness' after 'amazing' competition win gains them entry into USA contest next year

TALENTED performers from the Fareham area were ‘crying with happiness’ after taking multiple top spots at a national cheerleading competition and landing entry to a world showdown in the USA.

A team of 55 cheerleaders from Dance and Cheer-a-cality, aged from five to 24, achieved seven first places, three third places and one fourth place, at the Cheer City contest at Loughborough University last weekend.

At the event the junior one emeralds team, made up of 11 children aged 10 to 14, were named grand champions with a partially paid entry to compete in the Allstar World Championships 2023 in Florida.

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Pictured is the Junior 1 Emeralds team, 11 kids aged 10-14 years - 1st grand champs and worlds partial bid winner Picture: Paul Jacobs / pictureexclusive.com

Holly Birse, from Fareham, has been cheerleading for seven years with the group.

The 11-year-old said: ‘I found the competition an emotional whirlwind because in the morning we were so so happy with where we came with just grand champions then in the afternoon we were all crying with happiness about the bids to worlds.

‘We did our best 100 per cent, we were amazing and we hit zero - no deductions for any falls or major wobbles. I didn't expect to win it but I was so thrilled with the result but know we did a great performance so hoped we may.

‘It felt like the greatest thing that ever happened as we were so happy.

Pictured is the Youth 1 prep team and coaches, which came 1st place Picture: Paul Jacobs / pictureexclusive.com

‘Going to Florida is like something you dream about, I'm really happy about the thought we might go to Florida. We know there is tough training and decisions and fundraising that has to be met.

‘It will definitely mean more training, harder practice so we can be the best we can possibly be.’

Her teammate Eva Peskett, 13 – also from Fareham – added: ‘The competition was a whirlwind of real highs and lows.

Pictured is the 1st place Lyrical junior Dance team Picture: Paul Jacobs / pictureexclusive.com

‘Going to Florida is the happiest you can ever imagine, we were all screaming and crying.

‘This is every cheerleader's dream. It was one of the best days of my life and I’m so happy and grateful to get this opportunity.’

This year the group celebrated their 10th anniversary. To find out more about the group classes in Locks Heath and Hedge End visit dance-and-cheer-a-cality.com.

Pictured is the Senior 1 amethyst team which came 1st place Picture: Paul Jacobs / pictureexclusive.com